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Want the skin of your dreams? Avoid these 5 mistakes to achieve radiant and flawless skin

If you are someone who has always dreamt of having flawless skin, make sure you AVOID these skincare mistakes at all costs.
skin care mistakes
Keep your face away from these things! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 17 Aug 2021, 17:26 pm IST
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Don’t we all want porcelain-like skin that’s flawless and radiant? No, we don’t mean to say airbrushed skin, but something that’s more real and healthy. And that’s completely dependent on the habits you adopt. Just like we follow certain practices to enjoy good health and well-being, the same applies to your skin too. So, do not ignore it in any way, and we repeat, do not fall prey to these mistakes, because they are going to cost you in a big way!

So without further ado, let’s get down to the details. 

1. You change skincare products all the time

We know how hard it is to stop ourselves from buying that new face cream or serum, but wait it out ladies! You have to give these products time to show results, and if you keep switching cosmetics, your skin is going to be terribly confused. In fact, doing this too often might also cause allergic reactions, and well, that’s the last thing you want! 

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2. You use a face scrub every single day

We’ve often heard of the wonders of a good face scrub. After all, it helps to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal gorgeous and glowing skin. But guess what? Excess of everything is bad. If you scrub your face every day, your skin will peel faster. Now, that’s damaging for sure! Use a good scrub once a week, and you’re good to go! 

skin care mistakes
Exfoliating your skin every single day can wreak havoc with your skin health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. You sleep with your makeup on

This is nothing short of a cardinal sin! How many times have you heard skin experts suggest that sleeping with your makeup on is problematic? Well, they are right, and that’s why you follow this practice seriously! You could use a good cleanser or micellar water to remove makeup, so that you do not get clogged pores or acne.

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4. You use the same pillowcases for two weeks in a row

You could be using the best products to clean your face, but if you don’t change your pillowcases often, you’re in for big trouble. That’s because your pillowcase is a storehouse of dust, particles of epithelium, or even hair. This is a perfect case to trigger blemishes and breakouts. So, try using a pillowcase that’s soft and silky. It will also protect your face from aging! 

5. You don’t use a toner

Make sure you don’t skip on a toner, because it restores the pH balance of the skin. And trust us, the action of the toner can actually enhance the job of a moisturiser too! It also helps to avoid skin problems such as dryness, irritation and rashes. Try finding a product that does not contain alcohol.

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  • 101
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