Have dry skin? These 7 skincare mistakes that could be making it worse

Published on: 17 May 2021, 14:55 pm IST

Certain common but harmful skin care practices can add to the problem of dry skin. Make sure you are not making these dry skin care mistakes.

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You don’t want to add to your skincare problems with these mistakes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Dry skin has a negative impact on your dermal health, be it long-term or short-term. Not only does it make your skin appear flaky and dull but can lead to signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. To be honest, you may not be able to change your skin type, but you can ensure your skin stays hydrated. There’s no scope for mistakes!

There could be multiple factors that could lead to the exacerbation of your problem. You need to actively cut out these factors from your routine to keep your skin healthy.

Here are 7 of the most common dry skin care mistakes that you must avoid:
1. Using light moisturiser

Using a moisturiser is a must when it comes to dry skin. Try using lightweight water-based moisturisers to help provide long-lasting hydration. But, if you’re using a light formulation of moisturiser, it can fail to fully penetrate the skin or quickly evaporate. So, choose the right moisturiser which is light on the skin but doesn’t compromise on the hydrating quotient.

2. Using a harsh cleanser

You need to choose a cleanser based on your skin type. Using harsh cleansers can cause dryness, irritation, and inflammation. They can strip the skin of its natural oil, adding to the problem of dryness.

3. Taking a long, hot shower

Showering with hot water can dry out your skin. In addition, it can cause redness and itchiness. Over time, it can make your skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, stick to lukewarm water!

4. Not taking your make-up off

This is the worst mistake you can commit, especially if you have dry skin. Makeup restricts your skin from breathing. Not removing it can worsen the issue of dry skin. In fact, it can clog your pores and result in acne. Make sure you cleanse your face to remove all the make-up.

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Don’t let your dry skin suffer more with these mistakes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. Using an alcohol-based toner

Alcohol-based toners can add to the dryness of your skin. Many toners contain ingredients like alcohol and propylene glycol which can intensify the dryness. Use a toner that is alcohol-free. Better still, use a natural toner such as rose water which is soothing to the skin.

6. Avoiding exfoliation

You need to exfoliate your face to remove flaky and dead skin. If this step is missing from your skincare routine, it will lead to dullness and dryness. On the other hand, exfoliating too frequently can affect the natural barrier of the skin and cause dryness. So, exfoliate every 3 to 4 days to keep your skin healthy.

7. Skipping sun protection

If you have dry skin, you probably already know that it can easily get irritated by external factors such as pollution and sunlight. Using sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin because it works as a protective layer against all these external factors. Don’t skip it even during winters!

If you already have dry skin, avoid these dry skin care mistakes to keep your skin healthy!

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