How well do you know the human body? Take this quiz NOW!

Updated on:18 December 2023, 10:59am IST

Do you think that you know everything about your body? Then answer these 10 questions to check your knowledge.

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Take this quiz to know how much you know about your body. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Do you know the smallest bone in your body? Or where are red blood cells formed? No, this means you might have a lack of knowledge about your own body. Understanding your body is essential for various reasons. It helps promote overall well-being by enabling individuals to make informed lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise. Moreover, it allows for better disease prevention and promotes mental health by reducing health-related concerns. So, if you are unsure whether you know about the human body or not, take this quiz, especially prepared by Health Shots.


What is the body’s largest organ?


How many bones are there in the adult human body?


Which of the following is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body?


What is the function of the respiratory system?


Where is the smallest bone in the human body located?


Which hormone is known as the stress hormone?


Where is insulin produced in the body?


Where are red blood cells formed?


Which of the following parts of the body is the only area without a blood supply?


Where does an egg get planted?