Best compression socks for women: 6 top picks to reduce pain and swelling

The best compression socks for women offer compression therapy to manage leg pain and swelling that may be caused due to multiple reasons.
compression socks for women
Try the best compression socks for women and reduce swelling in your legs. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 16 Apr 2024, 10:30 am IST
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Compression socks, also known as compression stockings, are specialized socks meant to relieve pain and swelling in legs, and to improve blood circulation. Leg swelling can be a result of fluid buildup or inflammation in injured tissues or joints. Prolonged standing or sitting can also cause swelling, which can lead to discomfort. In some cases, swelling can also occur because of liver disease, heart failure, kidney disease and more. While visiting your healthcare provider is the right way to treat these issues, using compression socks or stockings can also be effective. They apply pressure to your lower legs, help increase blood circulation, as well as reduce pain and swelling in your legs and ankles. Made using a wide variety of materials like nylon, spandex, polyester, cotton and merino wool, these socks can reduce leg fatigue and reduce your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. We have curated a list of the best compression socks for women to alleviate discomfort, pain and improve the quality of life.

6 best compression socks for women

Compression socks come in short, medium and long varieties, and may differ according to their tightness too. Check out this list of the best compression socks in India, and choose according to your need:

1. HEELIUM Bamboo Compression Socks

These compression socks promise to reduce swelling, cramping, muscle fatigue and boost recovery after physical activities. These bamboo compression socks may also boost blood circulation in your legs and provide more oxygen by enhancing the blood flow through your feet, heel, toes, calves and legs up to your knee. Nade from skin-friendly and odour-free material, it can help prevent the odour-causing bacteria. They may also absorb sweat and keep your feet warm in cold weather. The softness of these socks may help prevent friction injuries like rashes and ulcers.

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2. CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women

CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women are especially designed to provide premium support, comfort and relief. The lightweight and breathable fabric of these socks can help maintain stability, flexibility and durability. They may help improve blood circulation and oxygen flow, thus preventing fatigue.

3. KUE Compression Ankle Socks

KUE Compression Ankle Socks is designed to provide compression therapy to your ankle and legs, thus giving relief from pain and inflammation. They can help reduce swelling, which can alleviate pain and improve your range of motion. These ankle socks can provide proper protection, help to push blood back up to the heart and wick away sweat. Made of breathable and lightweight fabric, they can keep your leg cool and comfortable.

4. CHARMKING Copper Compression Socks

CHARMKING’s copper compression socks may help rejuvenate blood circulation through your legs. The copper fibres can help revive blood circulation while providing a 15-20 mmhg compression. By mildly squeezing your legs, they can remove stress, stimulate every cell, relieve the symptoms of spider, varicose veins and excess fluid retention. Regular use of these socks may help relieve pain, reduce fatigue, soreness, cramping and prevent injuries. Its wicking properties help draw sweat and keep you cool.

5. Healthshine Class 2 Medical Compression Socks

Healthshine Class 2 Medical Compression Socks promises to provide graduated compression for comfort. It is designed to provide maximum compression at ankles and enhance blood circulation. Made from spandex and nylon material, these socks allow air to circulate, thus preventing heat-buildup. These socks claim to improve the range of movement, thus enhancing your lifestyle.

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6. Just Care Compression Socks

Just Care Compression Socks are made from cotton material. These hand-wash only socks promise to absorb sweat and moisture, leaving your legs dry and cool. They may help improve the blood circulation, prevent fatigue, soreness, swelling and provide relief from pain. The brand states that its product can be used during pregnancy, running and travelling.

What are the benefits of compression socks?

Some important benefits of using compression socks include:

  • Enhances blood circulation: Compression socks apply gentle pressure on the legs, which helps prevent blood from pooling in the lower extremities. They enhance blood circulation, prevent the risk of developing blood clots and alleviate the symptoms of conditions like varicose veins and edema.
  • Reduces fatigue and swelling: They provide support to the muscles and reduce vibration during movement. A study published in the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine states that compression socks can help minimise muscle soreness and enhance recovery process post physical activities.
  • Manage chronic conditions: By offering continuous support, compression socks can help manage the symptoms of chronic conditions.
  • Prevents deep vein thrombosis: StatPearls describes deep vein thrombosis as a blood clot that forms within the deep veins. By using these socks, you can reduce the likelihood of clot formation.
  • Enhance athletic performance: Compression socks or stockings can also improve athletic performance. They improve oxygen delivery to muscles, thus enhancing endurance and reducing the risk of fatigue or cramping during workouts.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How many hours should you wear compression socks?

There are no general guidelines for how long you should wear compression socks. You can put them on all day and night as long. But do consult your health care provider to take an informed and personalised decision about how you should use them.

  • What is the main purpose of compression socks?

Compression therapy is widely used to treat conditions like venous and lymphatic insufficiency as per the Canadian Medical Association Journal. These socks can help alleviate these conditions. They can help manage orthostatic hypotension, prevent blood pooling, enhance blood circulation in the legs and reduce swelling.

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