Do you have superwoman syndrome? Take this quiz to test

Updated on:23 February 2022, 13:13pm IST

Are you feeling the pressure of performing all the tasks and yet feeling you're not doing enough? Then, take this quiz because you maybe have superwoman syndrome.

superwoman syndrome
Try to be a woman, not a superwoman! Image courtesy Shutterstock

If you’re a mother and a working woman, you must be already stretching yourself to fulfill all your responsibilities. Being a woman we want to do it all and play all the roles that we have in our life. We agree a woman’s life comes with the pressure of different roles and responsibilities associated with them, fulfilling all the roles can take a lot of from you.

So if you are putting others before yourself, neglecting your own needs, and trying to manage your career, family, and home all at once, then you may have superwoman syndrome.

Superwoman syndrome is a condition when a woman neglects herself and her needs to fulfill all the roles and responsibilities.

If you can relate with this or not or even if you are wondering whether you have superwoman syndrome or not take this quiz especially designed by Arushi Malik, Counseling Psychologist, a unit of Dr Bakshi’s Healthcare for HealthShots.

So, go ahead and test whether you have superwoman syndrome or not!


Do you find it difficult to say “no”?


Do you try to take responsibility for everything around you?


Do you strive for perfectionism in every task?


Do you find it hard to wind down?


Do you find it difficult to take time for self care?


Do you take on more tasks than you have time for?


Do you find yourself tired often?


Do you find it hard to put forward your needs?


Do you shy away from asking for help?


Do you find it difficult to take out time for yourself?