Are you at risk of acute stress disorder? Try this quiz to find out

Published on:14 April 2024, 19:16pm IST

Have you been through any traumatic incidents lately? If yes, take this quiz to know if you are dealing with acute stress disorder.

acute stress disorder
Take this mental health quiz to know if you are dealing with acute stress disorder. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.

Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) is a mental health condition that generally occurs in the first month after a traumatic incident. There are several factors that put at risk of developing ASD after a trauma like having had prior mental health conditions or having suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the past. While this disorder may be temporary, it is essential to treat it at time to avoid the risk of developing PTSD. Your doctor or mental healthcare provider can diagnose ASD well but it is important for you to first recognise it and accept it. So, take this Health Shots quiz to find out if you are at risk of dealing with acute stress disorder.


Have you experienced any traumatic event lately?


Do you often find yourself reliving that event in your mind?


Have you witnessed any changes in your sleep pattern?


Are you getting irritated or angry frequently?


Are you experiencing any physical discomfort like headache or chest pain?


Do you easily get startled by loud noises or sudden movements?


Are you finding it difficult to concentrate while working?


Do you avoid situations or places that remind you of the traumatic event?