10 millennial women tell us the worst thing they did to their health during the pandemic

From not taking care of hydration to being sedentary, 10 women bare it all, when it comes to their pandemic health care blunders.
world health day
On this World Health Day, make sure to avoid these 10 health mistakes that might look harmless, but they can cause serious damage!
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 4 Apr 2021, 09:30 am IST
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The lockdown has really slowed us down! Some of us have become more lazy, while others have become careless about their health. That’s why on the occasion of World Health Day, we asked 10 millennial women about their worst health mistake during the lockdown. If you’ve been doing the same, it’s time to put an end to it right away:

1. “I sat, and sat, and sat. And when I look at myself now, I feel horrible. I feel so much pain in my joints, and honestly I am pretty young.” — Sarika, 28, marketing executive.

2. “I have always been a workaholic, but during this lockdown, I was working round the clock. Trust me, it was so exhausting. I was always low on energy and literally realised the true meaning of maintaining a work-life balance.” — Prabrose, 32, communication specialist. 

3. “My eating habits went for a toss during the lockdown. I tried every DIY recipe that was out there on social media. And after a while, I saw a change in my appetite. I have become more prone to binging, and that’s what’s making me gain weight.”  — Swati Madan, 31, sales executive.

4. “I got addicted to booze during this lockdown, and I regret it now. I would feel terribly lonely at times, and would drink alcohol to fall asleep. Honestly, I didn’t even realise when I got addicted to it that I wouldn’t get sleep, unless I gulped down a peg or two.  I’ve been rying to avoid it as much as possible,  but it’s still taking a toll on me,”  — Sukriti, 32, content specialist.

5. “I have literally screwed my posture. During the first six months of lockdown, I was on my bed, since I didn’t have a proper workstation. After some time, I realised that right from my neck, spine to my bums – everything was hurting and how.”  — Anjali Makhija, 30, analyst.

6. “I think ignoring my stress and equating it to physical exertion is one of the biggest mistakes that I committed during the lockdown. Maybe because I wasn’t that aware about the significance of mental health. Today, I am bearing the brunt.” — Roopali, SEO expert.

7. “I remember when I was in office, I always used to carry this huge water bottle, and the helpers around would refill it every now and then. That time I would make it a point to drink three to four litres regularly. Unfortunately, during the lockdown, I have become too lazy to refill the bottle again. Not staying properly hydrated is now showing on my skin; it has become so dry and flaky.”  — Chavvi, 27, fashion designer.  

8. “Most doctors were unavailable for physical check-ups during lockdown, so I missed out on my regular check-ups.”  —Anusha, 35, homemaker.

9. “I stopped putting on my sunscreen, because I thought I’m always indoors, so what’s the need? I saw visible changes on my skin. I had these little spots and pigmentation around my mouth. I saw this influencer on Instagram, who shared how you need to apply sunscreen even when you’re at home. That time, I realised that the blue light released from all these gadgets also has an impact on our skin. So, foolish of me.”—Renu, 35, retail merchandiser.  

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10. “I stopped exercising. Like it wasn’t a pause, it was a proper full-stop. I was a gym freak before the lockdown, but after the lockdown began, I don’t know what happened to me that I completely stopped exercising. I became too lazy to do anything, and it backfired. I ended up gaining so much weight, which acted as a stressor for me. I think that was the biggest mistake I committed during the lockdown.” — Samira, 28, content creator.

Have you committed any of these mistakes during the lockdown? Also, share how you’ve rectified it in the comments section below.  

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