Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope for April 16: Catch up on rest and unwind

Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope for April 16: Consuming a heavy meal right before bedtime can disrupt sleep today.
Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope July 31
Try to sleep on time.
Tamanna C Published: 16 Apr 2022, 12:01 am IST
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Dear Aquarius natives, your health will be stable as you catch up on rest and unwind. Health should be your main purpose to establish well. For you channeling your creativity and spending alone time will help you rejuvenate mentally and emotionally. Slight sensitivity in the stomach due to eating outside food could cause a slight imbalance in the second half of the day. You should avoid outside food, which is not good for your health. Hydrate and eat the light second half of the day. Sleep patterns will be disturbed. That might cause insomnia.

The work will be hectic and confusing. There will be a lot going on between co-workers back and forth of work that you have been handling. Don’t push for people to give you clarity else they may be pressured and may make wrong decisions today. Let them be. An important meeting scheduled today will be fruitful but you will have to be a better listener with people. Focus on what’s needed and don’t assume things. Have faith in yourself and always listen to your heart.

Family life will be stable. You will have long working hours due to which you will withdraw from social obligations and spend time in the company of family members to get that peace of mind. It will be a light filled in the evening that will make you forget your stress. Partner’s health will need attention for the first half of the day. You have to be prepared for that too.

If you are single, you might meet someone through a friend you’ve recently connected with. They might enter your life and become important to you.

Activity tip: Organizing your wardrobe will help.

Lucky color for work: Light pink.

Lucky colour for love: Yellow.

Karmic tip: Avoid self guilt. You should be confident about yourself and with your decision.

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