This circuit workout is the secret to Vaani Kapoor’s super-toned body

Vaani Kapoor looks fit and fabulous, but her toned body is the result of a very rigorous workout routine as revealed by fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.
Vaani Kapoor
The girl works too hard at the gym! Image courtesy: Vaani Kapoor/Facebook
Grace Bains Published: 3 Feb 2021, 05:38 pm IST
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All Bollywood beauties work extremely hard to stay in shape. They’ve made us realize the importance of having a workout routine which is designed for your specific body type. We already know that there are multiple ways of exercising but what most of us waste a lot of time and energy on is trying out anything and everything. But, it’s pretty clear that the strategy that celebs have been following works out the best.

Seeing Vaani Kapoor dance to ‘nashe si chadh gayi’ makes us want to shake a leg too! The beauty with long legs has clearly worked very hard to keep herself fit and above all, it is pretty clear that she indulges in workouts that are customised according to her fitness goals.

Recently, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala took to Instagram to reveal how Vaani manages to ensure she stays toned. The post said, “Here’s a quick preview to @_vaanikapoor_ Circuit training workout…”

In the video, you can see Vaani working hard and following Yasmin’s guidance. The long-legged beauty, in a short period of time, performs exercises ranging from weighted squats to strength training. Vaani does all this seemingly without any effort and it’s obvious that she practices this routine with utter dedication.

Here’s why circuit training is a great way to work out

Truth be told, not many people know what circuit training is all about. A typical circuit training workout will contain multiple exercises that target different parts of the body. It’s extremely versatile, comprising different workout methods that include strength training, bodyweight exercises and cardio, amongst others.

Now, given that it is an amalgamation of some extremely impactful exercises, it’s benefits are also multiple and include:

  • Muscle strengthening which is important not only to keep your body toned but also strong 
  • Elevated heartbeat due to all that cardio, ensuring enhanced blood circulation 
  • Targeting different body parts like legs, arms and the core all in a single session

Yasmin Karachiwala mentions in the caption that one should ‘do each exercise for 15-20 reps and repeat for 2-3 rounds.’ Vaani’s moves are extremely inspiring and it shows that this workout routine truly is doing wonders for her!


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