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Sonam Kapoor swears by these 2 home remedies to combat chapped lips

Chapped and dry lips are a common problem but Sonam Kapoor suggests home remedies to ensure your lips stay soft and supple.
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor’s tried and tested method of nourishing chapped lips! Image courtesy: Sonam Kapoor Facebook Page
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 17 Dec 2020, 01:22 pm IST
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Each one of us dreads chapped lips. Not only can they cause discomfort but prove to be a big turn off as well. Truth be told, applying lip balm multiple times throughout the day isn’t the solution. So, what can be done to ensure you always have soft lips?

Well, we strongly recommend what Sonam Kapoor has been doing to ensure her lips stay healthy.

Sonam Kapoor is more of a DIY person and likes to use home remedies in order to keep things natural. Recently, she’s been sharing her beauty hacks with her followers on Instagram. The Aisha actress reveals the home remedies she’s tried out and also recommends beauty products that work well for her. Honestly, fans have been loving these tips from the Bollywood beauty!

In her latest Instagram post, she addressed a problem that isn’t discussed very often but is one of the most irritating issues: chapped lips. Dry and chapped lips can cause cracks in the skin, causing discomfort. What’s more, they aren’t the most pleasing to look at, making us feel conscious.

Sonam, however, has shared 2 home remedies that have worked well for her and can work wonders for us as well: 
1. Sugar and honey lip scrub

You already know your skin requires exfoliation. Most of us, however, often end up ignoring our lips while exfoliating the skin on our face. Dead skin cells accumulate and this causes the lips to get chapped.

sugary drinks and heart disease
Excess of everything is bad — Even sugar. Take this quiz to know why. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

To combat this, Sonam Kapoor suggests using a scrub made out of sugar and honey. Mix the two ingredients, take some of it on a fingertip, and gently rub on your lips. You can rinse it off but can also lick it off the lips, which is what Sonam does!

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The actress cautioned about the number of times the scrub should be applied. According to Sonam, she only exfoliates her lips once or twice a week because going overboard can lead to pigmentation.

2. Coconut oil to keep your lips moist and supple

Seems like Ms Kapoor is a big fan of coconut oil when it comes to keeping her lips moisturised. She says, “Coconut oil goes amazingly well on your lips. It tastes a little weird but works out.”

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We couldn’t agree more with the fashionista! Coconut oil is truly one of the most effective home remedies when it comes to moisturising the skin deeply.

You can apply coconut oil on your lips before going to bed and wash it off in the morning.

There you go, ladies! You need only these 2 home remedies to ensure your lips stay soft and supple.

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