Sonam Kapoor has PCOS and these 3 things help her deal with it

In her recent post leading bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor reveals her encounter with PCOS and how adopting three simple things made her life easy.
Sonam Kapoor
Learn how to tame PCOS from actress Sonam Kapoor. Image courtesy: Sonam Kapoor Facebook Page
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 25 Sep 2020, 12:28 pm IST
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PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that every other young girl is dealing with today. From weight gain to abnormal menstruation, when you have PCOS—life can be really tough. But if you think you’re alone, let us tell you sista: you are not! Because celebs like Sonam Kapoor are in the same boat. 

Yes, Sonam also has PCOS. For that matter, this Bollywood diva has been dealing with this disorder since the age of 14. And in her recent Instagram post she poured her heart out about how she has been managing her PCOS.

In the post, Sonam spoke about how she and her family tried every trick to reduce the symptoms of PCOS—including visiting multiple doctors and dieticians. However, the answer for managing PCOS, was hidden in some simple lifestyle changes for the actress. 

Sonam, adopted these changes in consultation with her doctor—and is advising you to do the same. Curious about what these tips are?

Well, here you go:

1. Exercise
We totally agree with Sonam here because exercise is the key to dealing with PCOS. She mentioned that it is very important to exercise if you have PCOS and the simplest way to do it is walking.

“Our lifestyle has become sedentary. I walk at least 10,000 steps a day,” she said.

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2. Do yoga
“Yoga makes you mobile. It makes you strong. It improves the cardiovascular ability with surya namaskar and improves strength through hatha yoga. It is one of the best all round exercises (sic)”, she said.

She also advises meditation and breathing exercises. In her post, she pinpoints how stress can trigger PCOS symptoms and meditation can help you stay calm.

“Stress is bad. There are so many apps that can help you breathe or meditate”, she suggests.

Also, watch:

3. Avoid sugar
Sugar is your number one enemy if you have PCOS, and Sonam agrees with it too.

“I have given up sugar completely. Refined sugar is poison. It’s bad. It’s awful. It’s the worst thing you can put in your system. My life has changed after giving it up. (Earlier) I was an addict to sugary drinks and sweets,” she says.

So, do take a note of all these tips and try to inculcate them all in your life to mellow down the ill effects of PCOS. And before we forget, thank you Sonam for these insights.

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