“Meditation is my sanity pill”, says Paatal Lok actor Anindita Bose

Paatal Lok and Ray actress Anindita Bose is a perfect blend of rawness and relatability. In a candid conversation with Health Shots, she spills the beans on her journey from Bengali cinema to the world of OTT, the role of social media in a celeb’s life, and why her values define her.
Anindita Bose
Anindita Bose always walks the talk. Image courtesy: Anindita Bose
Geetika Sachdev Published: 20 Aug 2021, 04:36 pm IST
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There are only a handful of actors who seem real and relatable, and leave an indelible impression on your mind. One such person is Bengali actress Anindita Bose, who has recently made waves with her impactful performances in popular OTT shows Paatal Lok and Ray. Some might call her choice of roles ‘bold’ and ‘controversial’, but every single time Bose appears on screen, her confident and charismatic persona shines through. 

In a freewheeling chat with Health Shots, Bose reminisces about her journey from Bengali cinema to the world of web series, the secret of her good physical and mental health, and how social media trolls don’t impact her. 

An illustrious journey

Bose’s journey began with her foray into Bengali cinema in 2009. Her body of work is truly impressive, and shows her versatility in every way. She doesn’t conform to stereotypes, and that’s visible in her appearances on the big screen or otherwise. 

Anindita Bose
Meet, Anindita Bose. Image courtesy: Anindita Bose

“I always had the notion that actors like me don’t have too many opportunities here, especially in this industry. Five years ago, I began to notice that it isn’t true. A lot of actors, directors, and writers are getting to experiment today, and that has helped me take this leap. Slowly and steadily, I began the process of meeting casting directors, and auditioning. I received a lot of rejections, and even today that happens. But I think it’s beautiful the way actors get casted over here, because that means you are right for the part,” adds Bose. 

Dealing with controversies

When a movie or show is released, it is bound to be scrutinised by the public. At times, it is showered with accolades, while on other occasions, it might receive brickbats. But Bose remains completely unfazed. She believes that this is exactly what happens when a painting or a piece of art is up for display. 

“When I make a painting, I put everything into it, but I don’t know how people are going to perceive it. Some people might really not understand what I have made, while others might say it is great work. It can also give tears of joy to someone or it could make someone really emotional. I think that’s the same with any kind of work we are making, be it long-format, short format, a feature film or something else. For me, that’s how I see it,” she explains. 

At the end of the day, Bose believes that a huge team comes together to put together this painting, and shows it to the world. 

“We have to take everything with a pinch of salt. In my head, when I see Paatal Lok or Ray, I know how great the piece of work is.  I am sure not everyone will match up to what I am thinking,” she adds. 

Keeping mental and physical health in check

Bose confesses to leaning on “meditation” to keep her physical and mental health in check, especially over the last two years. She believes that it has helped her stay grounded, every single day. 

Anindita Bose
Take the aid of transcendental meditation if you are dealing with PTSD. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Whenever I wake up, I meditate for 10 to 15 minutes. I have also got a really strong support system, my parents and my sisters, who have been my backbone. Every time I falter or feel bad on a particular day, I know I have them around. Physical health is something that we have to keep concentrating on, because it’s a part of our job. For me, it’s just a lifestyle,” she says, adding that she makes sure to go for regular walks, or engage in Pilates or yoga. 

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Bose has also worked on her eating pattern, and that has helped her in a big way!

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Social media and mental health

Celebrities are always under the arclights, and with social media, public scrutiny has only grown. Bose confesses to feeling a little “unsettled” when this transition was happening, because even if she didn’t want to do it, it was important for visibility. 

“Do I always feel the pressure to put some new content out? Yes, I do and I do it as well. But I think I have struck this balance in my head, where I don’t really care about how many likes my picture has got or why my followers aren’t increasing. Initially, it did get to me, but I have arrived at a very balanced state in my head, because it doesn’t matter. What matters is what I do in front of the camera and what I deliver,” says Bose. 

Anindita Bose
It is important to take social media breaks, in order to take care of your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Social media and trolling go hand in hand, but fortunately, Bose hasn’t been a victim too many times. She has at some point been body shamed, but today it doesn’t really impact her, because she loves the way she is, and looks.

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A word of advice

There are so many women who look up to Bose for the way she is.  She has a word of advice for her loyalists, “Girls, just love yourself. The purest form of love you can give yourself is where you totally accept yourself, just the way you are. And  please don’t change a thing about yourself. If you truly want to change something about yourself, do it because you want it, not because someone has said something about your body or skin type, or facial features. Don’t make yourself go through that. Just be your own boss!,” she concludes.

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