Stressed all the time? Take this quiz to know if you have high-functioning anxiety

Updated on:17 April 2021, 03:16pm IST

If you can’t stay in one place and if your head is always running a marathon then definitely you are dealing with high functioning anxiety.

high functioning anxiety
High functioning anxiety is something that you can easily deal with. Just recognize the symptoms ASAP. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

We often think of anxiety as something that can bring our life to a halt. Constant panic attacks, lack of concentration at work, and being medicated is what we normally visualise anxiety as. And yet, there exist people who live with anxiety and excel at work and in life in general.

This is high-functioning anxiety. Although, it is not considered to be a real medical diagnosis—people with high-functioning anxiety exhibit many symptoms of an anxiety disorder. 

Wondering if you could have high-functioning anxiety? Then take this quiz to find out. 


Do you often over-think before doing anything?


Do you seek approval for everything you do?


Do you find it difficult to prioritize work because there is too much on your plate?


Are you a people pleaser?


Do you bite your lips or nails when anxious?


Do you find it hard to sleep at night because you’re worried about things that you need to do tomorrow?


Are you always occupied with too many thoughts running in your head?


Do you feel intimidated by the thought of what’s going to happen in the future?


Are you constantly comparing yourself with others?


Do you take the help of alcohol or other substances to disconnect with your reality?


Do you always arrive for appointments and meetings before time?