Give us 2 minutes of your time and we’ll tell you just how stressed you are

Published on:5 October 2020, 19:27pm IST

I’m so stressed! You must have said this numerous times, but have you ever tested your stress levels? If not, start now!

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IVF can be exhausting and needs some unwinding Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Raise your hand if you think that stress is tearing you apart and you can’t take it anymore. Looks like you are in the same boat as everyone else is. And why not? Thanks to the pandemic, stress has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life—now more than ever before. 

The sad part is that stress just doesn’t make you irritable, but also impacts your emotions, physical health, and productivity. It puts a halt on the way you think and growing stress can also lead to a situation where you might be vulnerable to a mental disorder. 

There are multiple things that can lead to stress. It can either be professional or personal. Although, not every kind of stress needs medical attention but prolonged stress can make things really tricky.

That’s why we want you to self assess your stress levels so that you know whether or not you need to take action. So, are you ready?


Do you wake up with a headache almost every morning?


Do you feel like you are losing control of your life?


Have you felt dryness around your mouth lately?


Do you find yourself over reacting to certain situations?


Do you panic way too often?


Would you call yourself impatient?


How’s your sex life going?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how will you rate your fatigue level?


How’s your appetite doing?


Which of the following tactics are you likely to employ when stressed?


Have you been feeling angry lately because of things that aren’t under your control?