Do you need therapy? Take this mental health quiz and find out

Updated on:12 October 2020, 17:36pm IST

If you shy away from professional help for your mental health today, it can lead to bigger problems tomorrow.

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Your mental health needs your attention too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“You need to see a therapist!” Has anyone ever uttered these words to you? Has it scared you? Well, it shouldn’t—because seeing a therapist really isn’t a big deal. 

According to renowned therapist Sainiya Bedi, every one of us needs therapy to vent out. And that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you mentally. You can talk to a friend and that’ll also work as therapy.

But at times there can be actual emotional and mental turmoil that even your friends and family don’t understand. And sadly, it can push you towards bigger problems like depression and anxiety. And that’s where a therapist can come to your rescue.

That’s why today, we want you to spare two minutes of life and take this quiz. This quiz will help you decide whether you should seek therapy for your mental well-being or not. Because your mental health is in your hands, buddy.


Do you feel anxious and breathless often?


Have been sleeping properly?


Have you been experiencing fatigue even after exercising and eating healthy?


Do you feel sad even when everything is fine?


Do you feel stuck in your relationship?


Do you seek validation from your colleagues and friends?


Have you been feeling hopelessness of late?


Do you feel like crying without any rhyme or reason?


Have you stopped meeting or calling your friends?


Have you been getting angry or annoyed over small little things?


Are you struggling with deadlines at work?


Do you feel scared about the future?

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