Are you indulging in healthy sex? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:23 June 2023, 11:30pm IST

To know whether your sexual practices are healthy or not, take this 2 minutes quiz especially designed for you!

sexual practices
Keep your sexual habits healthy! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Are you curious about your sexual well-being and wondering if you have a healthy sex life or not? Well, following healthy sexual habits doesn’t spice up your sex life but it also protects you against several types of infections and unwanted pregnancy. Hence, today, where open discussions about sex are becoming more commonplace, the notion of healthy sexual practices has emerged as a vital topic.

If you are sexually active and want to understand if you’re on the right track or not, take this quiz specially designed by Health Shots for you. 

Go ahead and answer these 8 questions.


Do you use protection (such as condoms) during sexual intercourse?


What type of lubricant do you use with latex condoms?


Are you aware of your partner’s sexual history, including previous sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?


Have you ever been tested for STIs?


Do you communicate openly about your sexual desires, boundaries, and consent with your partner?


Do you feel comfortable seeking information about sexual health, including contraception and STI prevention?


What is the most effective way to prevent STIs and birth control?


Are you satisfied with your overall sexual health and well-being?