Chasing happiness? Try these science-backed tips and tricks

Are you looking to achieve happiness, but really don’t know the secret? We are here to tell you all!
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 7 Oct 2021, 18:30 pm IST
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Happiness is elusive for most of us, isn’t it? Of course, that temporary manicure at a salon or digging into your favourite chocolate cake makes you happy, but is that enough? Well, we are speaking about true happiness, when you feel content and at peace with your life. It’s the feel-good factor that must kick in each day (or on most days). But how can it be achieved? Is there a way to crack this code? The answer is YES, your habits decide how happy you will be! 

So, let’s get to the happiness hacks right away!

1. Productive mornings are the best

The temptation to hit that snooze button every morning is real. But we also know how important a good morning routine is, and that’s what makes all the difference. Start your mornings with a glass of warm lemon water, go for a jog or work out in the gym, write a journal, and read a book (if time permits). When you begin your mornings on a productive note, it sets the tone for the day. 

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2. Money is not the source of happiness, but financial health is essential

Let’s face facts – money can make you happy (but only temporarily); it is the relationships and the joy you share with your loved ones is all that matters. By that, we don’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your financial health. Make sure you don’t owe any debts or loans, and you have enough to pay your bills. Research shows that no additional income really increases your happiness levels. Yes, it’s true! 

3. Meditate, meditate, meditate

It may sound boring but just sitting cross-legged in silence can really increase your happiness levels. Just take a few deep breaths and try to be calm. It is about thoughts and feelings flowing, and just embracing them. Take your time to process complex emotions like anger, sadness, and indifference. 

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4. Mindfully change thoughts and perspective

Being happy is all about changing your perspectives, and the way you think. What this essentially means is that you try to be more optimistic, and process negative experiences as ‘life lessons’. It’s about believing in yourself and committing to your goals. Your habits determine your outcomes in so many ways!

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5. Focus on real relationships

As per Harvard researchers who studied happy people over the course of 80 years, it was found that happy people have great relationships. The more time you invest in real relationships, the happier and fulfilled you feel. Other concerns like finances, fitness, and success become less important when you have close people to share your experiences with. 

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