Pisces Daily Health Horoscope for March 01: Spare time for your personal development

Pisces Daily Health Horoscope for March 01: You need to spare some time for yourself or your loved ones and re-check your eating habits. Boosting your immunity should be a top priority.
Pisces Daily Health Horoscope July 31
You need to find ways to disconnect from your stress.
Sheetal Shaparia Published: 1 Mar 2022, 00:01 am IST
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Dear Pisceans, according to your horoscope, the start of the day will be pleasant in terms of health. Saturn’s transit through the seventh house, on the other hand, could produce anxiety and dizziness or nausea. To avoid this situation make sure you keep yourself cool and stress free throughout the day. If you have a neurological condition, it may worsen at this time. Keep yourself calm and make sure you indulge in activities which soothe your mind and body. Listen to soothing music, reading or writing a journal.

Ketu’s transit through the second house may induce headaches and lung difficulties, which you should treat with therapeutic methods. Avoid self-medicating because you will be more susceptible to food sickness and drug reactions. You can also boost your health by avoiding condensed or pre-packaged meals, liquor, and artificially processed foods. These foods typically cause acidity and lead to indigestion. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system.

Saturn’s transit through your tenth house during the first trimester may make you more vulnerable to physical dangers, so be cautious when commuting or driving on the roadways. Avoid using public transport and be careful while driving. Jupiter’s transit through your seventh house will boost your stamina, passion, and capacity to overcome any health problems. Spend some quality time with your loved ones or spare some time for your personal development. This will also result in a slow but steady recovery from major problems. Toward the end of the day, Venus will be conjunct the lord of the twelfth house, which could result in issues pertaining to previous medical effects.

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