Don’t let pollution damage your hair! Here are 5 ways to protect your tresses

Spare your hair from the horror of pollution. Yes, it can totally wreck your tresses! But we have solutions to reduce the impact pollution has on your mane.
Find the solution for hair damage caused by pollution here
Find the solution for hair damage caused by pollution here. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 27 Oct 2021, 19:19 pm IST
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First it was our lungs. Then it struck our skin and now pollution is taking a toll on our beautiful mane as well.

We are exposed to dust, smoke, and gaseous pollutants every second of the day. There is just no escaping it! And experts say that all of these have the potential to damage the hair and scalp, causing irritation and damage.

But not anymore! Ladies, it’s time to press control, shift, and delete–and get rid of the effects of this hair-damaging monster for everyone’s sake.

Here Sameer Hamdare, zonal technical manager at Streax Professional shares some quick fix tips to protect your hair from getting damaged in this polluted state of affairs:

  1. Protect your hair with a wrap Can’t avoid stepping out? No problem. Just wrap your hair in a scarf or wear a hat to keep it from coming in contact with air pollutants and dust. Knotting it up is another way to reduce the damage.

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  2. Wash your hair daily Pollutants can actually make a nest in your hair, hence daily shampooing is a must. Pollutants sit on the cuticle, so they can be easily washed off. Also, washing your hair every day can keep your scalp free from itchiness and dandruff. Also, choose a mild and sulphate-free shampoo.

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  3. Keep heat-styling tools away Pollution is already causing damage, so it’s better to give straightening, blow-drying, and curling a break for a while. Hair which is exposed to pollution is more prone to damage, brittleness, and split ends.
  4. Oil, condition, spa, and repeat Oiling and deep conditioning is a must for healthy hair. Regular spa treatments are also advisable as they help repair the damage whilst rehydrating the hair. Oiling and deep conditioning your hair can bring back the lost moisture.
  5. Say yes to serums Not a big fan of hair serum? Well, you will have to befriend them nonetheless for the sake of your hair. Using a hair serum every day protects hair cuticles. One to two drops of serum on wet hair is enough for medium length hair. If you have oily hair, make sure you only apply the serum on the ends and not the scalp.So, ladies let’s reverse the harmful effects of pollution on our hair by following these steps.
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