Mandira Bedi shares the power of affirmations, says she is “guided by love”

Affirmations are powerful in every way, but you must know how to effectively use them. In her recent post, Bollywood actor Mandira Bedi has showed us how!
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 12 Aug 2021, 20:00 pm IST
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Bollywood actor Mandira Bedi, who lost her husband last month, has been slowly and steadily trying to adopt a positive approach towards life. In her recent Instagram post, she has shared, ““I welcome every opportunity of operating from outside of my comfort zone. I am not guided by fear. I am guided by love and gratitude,” joining her palms to gesture ‘namaste’ and then forming a heart. 

Check out the post for yourself: 

Mandira’s fans have called her an ‘inspiration’ and a symbol of strength. 

But what is it about the power of affirmations that is so positive? Let’s find out now!

Affirmations have helped several people make significant strides in their lives. But it is important to know how to use affirmations, because guess what? That really matters a lot. The way you use it determines its success. 

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The reason why affirmations work for certain people is because they have the ability to program your mind into believing a certain concept. Sometimes, when we watch a movie, we either start to believe the characters are real or just do not empathise with them. The same goes for affirmations!

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At the end of the day, there are all kinds of affirmations, but it is important to focus on the important ones. For instance, when we were told by our teacher that we weren’t good enough, it got stuck in our minds. So, train your mind to focus on the good!

Here’s how to make affirmations more powerful
  1. Make a list of all your negative qualities.
    2. When you write a recurring belief, see if you feel any sensation in your body. 
  2. Next, write a positive affirmation on the positive aspect of your self-judgement. 
  3. Speak the affirmation out loud every day for five minutes, three times a day. 
  4. Touch the area where you felt uncomfortable, and repeat the affirmation. 
  5. Tell a friend to repeat the affirmation to you.

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