Make your mom workout with you daily for her mental well-being during menopause

Exercise is the key to overall well-being and it will be great if you can convince your mom to do some basic exercises on a daily basis so that she can deal with the symptoms of menopause.
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Along with fun work sesh with your mom,take care of what she eats. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
ANI Updated: 2 Apr 2020, 13:19 pm IST
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We all know how physical activity can help us stay healthy. Not just that, it also helps us be sane in stressful situations. If we talk about our mother’s then either they would be in their menopause or about to reach that stage. And that’s why we would like to share this new study that will help your mom deal with anxiety and the other issues that she might face during her menopause

A recent study has found that late menopausal status is associated with an elevated level of depressive symptoms that indicate the negative dimension of mental well-being.

menopause diet
A healthy diet in menopause can help your mom deal with this transition. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

However, menopause was not linked to positive dimensions of mental well-being in women aged 47 to 55. The results also suggest that a high level of physical activity was linked to fewer depressive symptoms, higher satisfaction with life and higher positive affectivity in menopausal women.

“According to our research, postmenopausal women had more depressive symptoms than peri- or premenopausal women,” said doctoral student Dmitriy Bondarev from the Gerontology Research Center and Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Added Bondarev:

At the same time menopause was not related to positive mental well-being.

Menopause is inevitable that’s why you should prepare your mum for it
The menopausal transition is divided into three stages. Pre-menopause begins five to ten years before the menopause with gradual irregularity in menstrual cycles.

Perimenopause is the time prior to last menstruation when the function of the ovaries noticeably fades away. Post-menopause is the time after the last menstruation.

Menopause occurs on average between the ages of 46 and 52 and signifies the aging of a woman’s reproductive system, which has a far-reaching effect on many bodily functions.

premature menaopause
Menopause is an inevitable part of a woman’s life, but hitting it early can pose greater health risks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Physical activity will keep your mum’s mental health in check during menopause
However, the link between menopause and psychological functioning in middle-aged women has been investigated less.

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The findings of the study indicate that irrespective of the menopausal status, physical activity was beneficial for mental well-being in middle-aged women.

“Physically active women had lower depressive symptoms, had higher positive affectivity scores and were more satisfied with life in comparison to inactive women,” Bondarev said.

“Thus, being physically active during the menopausal transition may help to withstand the negative influence of menopause on depressive symptomatology and spare positive mental well-being,” Bondarev added.

delay menopause
Do you know that Being in nature relieves stress, which can in turn delay menopause? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The study is a part of the Estrogenic Regulation of Muscle Apoptosis (ERMA) study involving over 1,000 women aged 47 to 55 living in Jyvaskyla, Finland. In the present study, the menopausal stage was determined by the serum hormone concentrations and menstrual diaries.

Mental well-being and physical activity were self-reported by the participants.

So, take your mom for a stroll, make her do some basic exercises with you, and keep her involved so that her overall health is in check.  

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