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Delhi’s top dermatologist reveals 6 reasons why you NEED to massage your face at home

You’ll be saying hello to healthy skin in no time, if you make facial massage a part of your daily routine.
facial massage benefits
Facial massages can be extremely relaxing! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 21 Sep 2020, 14:02 pm IST
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If you’ve always wondered why several women spend hours in the salon getting a facial massage, we are here to reveal their secret! From a peachy glow to wrinkle-free skin, you get all this and more, when you embrace facial massage, as part of your daily routine. 

We got in touch with Dr Kiran Sethi, a renowned NCR-based skin specialist who’ll give a lowdown into all the benefits of a facial massage. So without wasting any more time, let’s see what she has to say: 

1. Makes your skin soft and supple
When you massage your face with an oil or a cream, it penetrates deep within your skin, and moisturizes and nourishes it properly. When done regularly, it will help you ladies to get soft and supple skin. Doing a facial massage moisturises your otherwise dehydrated skin, and also improves your skin’s ability to absorb other products.

2. Gives you a healthy glow
Facial massage can drastically increase the blood circulation in your face, and that means glowing and radiant skin. Proper blood flow also improves the appearance of your skin, making you a smoother tone and texture.

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3. Helps to boost collagen
With enhanced blood circulation, your skin produces more collagen. For the uninitiated, collagen is the secret to firm and youthful skin. More collagen production means your skin stays tight, and keeps wrinkles and other signs of ageing at bay.

4. Promotes relaxation
Just like any other massage, facial massage also makes you feel relaxed. Massaging your face relaxes your facial nerves and muscles, and calms you down. Your face has several pressure points, and massaging them regularly can ease stress. Now you know what to do after a long and tiring day at work!

5. Naturally gives you a facelift
When you regularly massage your face, your face muscles get stimulated, and there is enhanced flow of oxygen and blood. With better blood flow, there’s a boost in collagen production, which helps to keep your skin firm. It is this firmness that gives your skin a mild lift.

6. Reduces your eye bags
Admit it, we’ve all had under-eye bags and puffiness at some point in time. But, if you’re someone who deals with these problems every now and then, go for face massages!

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The main reason behind your under-eye bags is the excess water that’s retained on your face! Trust a good facial massage to solve these skin issues. With regular massage, the excess fluid gets flushed out of your system reducing the puffiness, and dark circles.

But worry not, we aren’t asking you to visit a salon. You can give yourself a facial massage right at home!

Dr Sethi suggests, “Always massage in upward motion, and never forget the neck.” For those who suffer from acne-prone skin, rosehip and grapeseed oil work best, while for others, coconut oil can be used!

Excited much to give yourself a facial massage? We can’t wait to hear all about how you found it in the comments!

  • 66
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