6 positive daily affirmations that can fill you with self-confidence

Conquer your self-confidence by practicing these daily positive affirmations for confidence, and see the change you want to see!
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Purvi Kalra Published: 8 May 2024, 08:59 am IST
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Even the most confident people can feel their confidence getting shattered to pieces when life hits them hard. In our usual routine, when circumstances are favouring us, it is easy to practice self-belief and confidence. The true test of a person’s confidence is when his or her life hits a rough patch. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when things do not go our way, and we lose it all while facing life. The good news is that if you have had confidence even if for some phase of your life, it means that you have the potential to stay confident your entire life despite your status quo. You can go the extra mile through the use of daily affirmations for self-confidence.

Yes, the best way to start your journey towards finding back your confidence is by implementing some easy practices like saying affirmations. Wondering what they are? Let us dive deeper into this topic.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations as a concept has been borrowed from self-affirmation theory which proposes that humans carry a concept of self in their mind. Humans strive towards being capable of usefully responding to different life situations. Self-affirmation theory proposes for humans to take a wider view of their lives, viewing the self from a broader range of roles that one plays, explains psychologist Geetika Kapoor.

Affirmation is a manifestation tool and can be used to turn your dreams into reality. Image courtesy: Freepik

“Asking oneself what qualities one wants to take forward and stand for in different roles that one plays in a way that feels authentic to self, is an ongoing exercise that leads to many self-discoveries. Self-affirmation theory also proposes one to be flexible in defining and carrying these values, instead of rigid definition of what values one stands for,” adds the expert.

How do positive affirmations benefit us?

Affirmations can help us by moving through difficult situations in a value-informed way. It is observed that acting in a value-informed way makes difficult situations lighter and more achievable. Positive affirmations also add a sense of purpose and motivation while approaching life situations.

Just like we are used to hearing that voice of self-doubt in our mind, we can rewire our inner conditioning by practising positive affirmations to silence that inner critic. With time, we will notice our confidence levels getting boosted, and a confident person can beat any challenge that comes up along the way.

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Positive affirmations for confidence

Here are some positive affirmations that you can repeat to yourself daily. Start with 3-5 minutes at least two times a day. You can speak them loud, or write them in a journal to make them more effective.

1. ‘I can do this”

An under-confident person gives in to that voice of self-doubt and starts believing that he or can not pursue the task at hand due to incapability. By repeating this affirmation, you are rewiring your mind to start believing that you have all the resources and capabilities to accomplish any task or challenge.

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2. “I can take small steps towards my goals”

Breaking down that one big task or habit into small, implementable steps makes it all easier. Standing at the starting point and looking at the top will surely overwhelm you. But, you can always think rationally and act wisely by breaking down that huge task into small steps to achieve all your goals in life.

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3. “I will be better than yesterday”

No matter how the day has presented itself to you, remember, you can always start afresh the next day from scratch. Better habits and extensive experience after making flaws help you make better decisions in the coming days. If you choose to learn from your follies, you can always be better than yesterday.

4. “I am doing my best”

Your 100 percent can be someone’s 50 percent. Accept it for good, and do your best on any given day with all the resources you have. Do not give in to comparison. Nurture your side of the story, and the grass will surely be greener where you water it. Remember, you are always giving your best, and never believe anything else.

5. “I will focus on my actions”

We look at others and feel dejected thinking that their life is better than ours. The only life that is under your control is yours. You are here to live your life and not others. So, focus only on your actions, and let others live their journey their way.

6. “I will keep moving in this direction”

Whatever happened in your past is history. If at all you want you want to take anything from your past, take learning from those experiences that you lived. Forget the bad, and keep moving in the right direction because only that truly matters.

Try these positive affirmations for self-confidence and see the difference they can bring to your life!

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