Manifestation and affirmations: Are they the same or different?

Manifestation and affirmations are not the same. Manifestation refers to turning your dreams into reality, affirmations are a way to do this.
positive affirmations for confidence
Affirmation is a manifestation tool and can be used to turn your dreams into reality. Image courtesy: Freepik
Anjuri Nayar Singh Published: 7 Mar 2024, 12:00 pm IST
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It is very easy to confuse manifestations with affirmations. But in reality, the two are very different when it comes to approaches as well as results. Affirmations is one of the ways to manifest something in your life. It can be termed as a manifestation technique to turn your dreams into reality.

Affirmations refer to the words or the statements that we make in order to believe that our dreams would soon come true. Both manifestations and affirmations are required to achieve your goals. However, there are certain tips to follow when you want to manifest effectively using the technique of affirmations. Health Shots got in touch with Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Neha Patel, who tells us the difference between manifestation and affirmations.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the belief that one’s thoughts and emotions can influence their reality by attracting corresponding experiences from the universe or higher powers. “People emit ‘energy’ through their intentions, just like a radio transmitter. This is then reciprocated with tangible outcomes. This process involves maintaining a positive mindset and aligning actions with desired goals, utilizing techniques like affirmations and visualisation,” explains Patel. Proponents argue that manifestation taps into the intrinsic connection between mind and reality to manifest one’s aspirations.

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A woman closing her eyes and dreaming.
While affirmation is thought based, manifestation is action based as well. Image courtesy: Freepik

What is Affirmation?

Affirmations are statements repeated to oneself, aimed at fostering positive self-perceptions and beliefs. “This practice comes from self-affirmation theory and positive psychology. Affirmations contradict negative thoughts and reinforce constructive self-concepts. This practice enhances psychological well-being by nurturing a positive mindset and promoting mental health,” says Patel.

What is the differences between manifestation and affirmation?

Here is what sets the two apart:

1. Nature of practice

Manifestation involves believing that thoughts and emotions can influence external reality, whereas affirmations focus on shaping internal perceptions and beliefs.

2. Intentions

Manifestation aims to attract specific outcomes or experiences from the universe, while affirmations target personal growth and self-improvement by fostering positive self-perceptions.

3. Focus

Manifestation emphasises on aligning thoughts and emotions with desired external realities, whereas affirmations centre on shifting internal thought patterns and beliefs.

4. Scope

Manifestation often involves broader goals or desires, such as wealth or success, while affirmations typically address specific aspects of self-esteem, confidence, or well-being.

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5. Application

Manifestation may employ visualisation and symbolic actions to reinforce desired outcomes, while affirmations primarily rely on repeated verbal or written statements to promote positive self-talk and mindset.

6. Outcome

Manifestation seeks tangible external results, while affirmations primarily aim to cultivate a positive internal mindset and sense of self-worth.

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One needs to be very focussed with our affirmations. Image courtesy: Freepik

Can you manifest with affirmation?

Yes, you can. Affirmations are part of the process of manifestation. “Affirmations are commonly integrated into the practice of manifestation as a fundamental tool for aligning one’s thoughts and emotions with desired outcomes. They serve a pivotal role in the manifestation process by aiding individuals in fostering a positive mindset, fortifying belief in their objectives, and sustaining focus on their intentions,” says Patel. Through the repetitive reinforcement of affirmative statements pertaining to their aspirations, individuals can enhance their manifestation endeavours and heighten the probability of realising their goals.

How to manifest with affirmations?

There are certain tips and tricks that you can try out to get effective manifestation with the help of affirmations.

1. Clarity

It is imperative that you clearly define your desires and intentions to focus your affirmations on specific goals. This will help you to understand your desires and goals better as well.

2. Positivity

Frame affirmations in positive language to cultivate a constructive mindset and attract desired outcomes.

3. Repetition

Consistently repeat affirmations to reinforce belief in your goals and maintain focus on manifestation.

4. Visualisation

Pair affirmations with visual imagery to enhance mental rehearsal and strengthen manifestation efforts.

5. Emotional connection

Engage with affirmations emotionally to evoke genuine belief and align your feelings with your desires.

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