5 reasons to always celebrate your small wins in life

Dreaming big is good, for it keeps us alive and passionate in life. But celebrating small wins is equally important.
Celebrating small wins will make you feel satisfied. Image courtesy: Freepik
Purvi Kalra Published: 31 Mar 2024, 08:59 am IST

Who doesn’t like dreaming big? We all glorify the spotlight, but we dread the work that goes behind turning those dreams into reality. When we only think of reaching the finishing line, and when everything else in between feels trivial, we tend to delay our sense of happiness. It is always good to have a strong focus towards the result we all wish to achieve. But when we are just standing at the start, looking at the top of the mountain can surely overwhelm us and trick us into procrastinating the work we need to do. That is where shifting our focus on the small wins comes into the picture.

When we break down that one big task into small, achievable goals, we are setting ourselves up for success. Big things take time and test our patience daily, but when we begin to train our mind into thinking that we will only be happy after attaining our goal, we simply postpone our joy. To stay motivated and consistent throughout the journey, we must take notice of the small things that are working out for us instead of just picturing that one big dream. When we start paying heed to the importance of celebrating small wins, we will naturally function better because those small wins flush us with positive energy to move ahead towards our dreams or goals. After all, it is always about the little things we achieve during the journey and not the destination.

While dreaming big, don’t forget to celebrate small wins. Image courtesy: Freepik

What are small wins?

Small wins are everyday small tasks which when accomplished, lead to larger, more significant triumphs. Very often they are overlooked as regular tasks and might not appear important at first, but they are crucial for developing character and resilience. Small wins may include responding to emails, completing an assignment, making pending phone calls, doing laundry, restocking the pantry or sometimes as simple as making your bed, says psychiatrist Dr Shivangini Singh.

Small wins are mostly about learning to get your basics done right by learning to develop good habits and character through smaller goals. It’s only when you learn to ace the basis, you will be able to check off that one big task.

Why are small wins important?

Here are some reasons why celebrating small wins is extremely crucial to achieve success on the go.

1. They help you keep track of your progress

When you do the small things right, a huge amount of load gets lifted from your shoulders. So, when you feel lighter, you’ll have a better mental space to keep track of your progress while moving ahead. “They help you feel encouraged and motivated to complete the bigger tasks,” says the expert.

Progress is progress no matter how small it is!

2. Better organisation

When you start your day doing the small things right, you will start feeling more under control and organized. Whether it’s about making your bed, doing the dishes, or running small errands, getting them done will help you plan your day better with the remaining tasks.

3. More satisfaction and productivity

Looking at that one big goal while standing at the start can make you anxious. But when you break it down into smaller tasks and go on to achieve them, one task at a time, you’ll feel more confident and satisfied with yourself. And, with that kind of self-belief, you’ll feel more content with your life and work, leading to enhanced productivity.

4. Better mood

Celebrating and taking notice of the small wins puts you in a better mood since achieving tasks, no matter how small they are, gives you a sense of self-belief and confidence to perform better in the upcoming tasks at hand. We are not keeping our happiness reserved for the destination, but by commemorating the small wins, we are also allowing ourselves to enjoy the present moment mindfully.

5. They are the key to bigger wins

Unknowingly, they are the key to the big wins in life as daily work and perseverance ultimately pave the path to bigger goals in life.

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