International Women’s Day: 25 positive daily affirmations to reset your mindset

Positive affirmations plays a big role in making your dreams, a reality. These 25 affirmations will do wonders for your self worth.
Positive affirmations are techniques of manifestation, and must be practiced every day. Image courtesy: Pexels
Anjuri Nayar Singh Published: 6 Mar 2024, 08:59 am IST

Our stressful lives, full of deadlines and targets, as well as household responsibilities, can often leave us exhausted and make us even doubt ourselves. As we navigate through each day, it is important to keep negative thoughts and low self esteem at bay. Positive affirmations are a way to do that!

Positive affirmations are statements that help us have faith in ourselves, belief in our abilities as well as a clear view of our end goals. This International Women’s Day, Health Shots gives you 25 positive affirmations that are sure to make you feel powerful and energised.

Can positive affirmations make you happy?

Yes, they can! Science backs this claim too. A study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience states that self-affirmations go a long way in motivating people to have a positive mindset about themselves. It also adds that positive affirmations can help restore self-competence and increase the self-worth of an individual.

25 positive affirmations to practice on a daily basis

Here is a compilation of powerful daily affirmations you can tell yourself to improve the way you think and feel about life. These short positive affirmations can have a long-lasting impact for your own good.

1. “I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing”

This positive affirmation has been written by Lousie Hay, in her self-help book You Can Heal Your Life.

2. “You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing”

Penned down by Ram Dass in his book Be Love Now, this positive affirmation is great for your self worth and must be practiced daily.

3. “The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are”

This hopeful statement was said by Oprah Winfrey in the February 2004 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine. This is a great affirmation for self love.

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4. “Don’t ever give up, because little by little you are changing.”

This is a powerful quote from the book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. This is a great positive affirmation that helps you to keep going, no matter what.

Positive affirmations help instill a sense of confidence. Image courtesy: Freepik

5. “Your perspective is unique. It’s important and it counts”

This positive affirmation is by Glenn Close. She said it in her 2019 William & Mary commencement speech.

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6. “Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens”

This positive affirmation is from the book The Power Within, by Tony DeLiso. It can work well in motivating you to work as hard as you can.

7. “To win, you have to make a move.”

This quote can be a positive affirmation, as it can motivate you to keep going. This is from the book The Master’s Sacred knowledge by Allan Rufus.

8. “My highest aspiration is to Love without limits and without ego.”

This is a great positive affirmation that will help you in your relationships. This statement has been penned by Laura Jeanne in her book Happiness Is Possible!: Ten Simple Concepts to Transform Your Life.

9. “Don’t try to fit in – stick to your DNA, we are all unique and precious.”

This has been penned down by Irina Dura in her book titled; My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey: How I finally lost 35kg (77 Pounds) while still enjoying my favorite food.

10. “Every day above earth is a good day”

This one is a great positive affirmation to keep you optimistic through out your day. This is from the popular book The Old Man and the Sea, penned down by Ernest Hemingway

11. ‘I say looking on the bright side of life never killed anybody’

This statement is from the popular book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, written by Jenny Han.

12. “Life is its own occasion; it does not need a reason to celebrate itself.”

Here is another one to value the significance of your life, and have gratitude. This statement is part of the book The Song in the Center of the Soul by Heather K. O’Hara.

13. “If you really think small, your world will be small. If you think big, your world will be big”

This is a quote by legendary author Paulo Coelho. This positive affirmation will help you think bigger and believe in your dreams.

14. “Embrace the glorious mess that you are”

This positive affirmation is great to establish self worth. Author Elizabeth Gilbert wrote this in her book Big Magic.

15. “Gratitude is a celebration we are all invited to”

Gratitude is a big part of daily affirmations. This statement has been written by Cleo Wade in his book Heart Talk.

16. “I will be a huge success.”

This powerful affirmation was said by legendary Hollywood actor Will Smith. It is believed that positive affirmations such as this one helped him to achieve the success that he enjoys today.

17. “You are bold. You are brilliant, and you are beautiful”

This beautiful affirmation has been said by Ashley Graham. It is a great way to promote self worth and love and must be practiced every day.

Many methods of manifestation requires you to pen down positive affirmations repeatedly. Image courtesy: Pexels

18. “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.”

Tina Fey said these words, and this can become a very effective positive affirmation for us. It helps rid us of regrets and move on.

19. “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year”

This positive affirmation has been penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson in his book, Works and Days.

20. “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”

Brené Brown wrote these lines in her book, Daring Greatly. This is a great positive affirmation that motivates you to keep at it.

21. “No one can tell you who you are except for you.”

This powerful affirmation has been said by Serena Williams. It is a great way to remind yourself that you are not less than anyone else, and have the ability to translate your dreams into reality.

22. “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, lov­ing, harmonious, and happy.”

This affirmation has been written by Charles Haanel in his book The Master Key System.

23. “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing,”

This affirmation has been written by Audre Lord in his book titled The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde.

24. “Your life is about to be incredible”

This statement can be a great positive affirmation that fills you with hope and joy. It was said by Tim Storey in a SuperSoul Conversations interview with Oprah.

25. “Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life”

This is a powerful and positive affirmation that can help you motivate yourself for the road ahead. It is part of the book The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember, by Fred Rogers.


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