Heard about fertility meditation yet? Well, it can help you get pregnant!

Mental health plays a crucial role in conceiving! Try fertility meditation to boost the chances of getting pregnant.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 4 Oct 2022, 12:42 pm IST

The main causes of physical and mental tiredness are the modern lifestyle and hectic schedules. And we all know that stress can be extremely difficult to handle and that it can result in a number of health issues, including infertility (among both women and men). The majority of couples seek reproductive treatments for this reason. However, treating reproductive issues in itself can be an incredibly stressful journey for couples. How do you handle it? How can you improve your chances of getting pregnant? Well, fertility meditation is the solution!

Although this term may be new to you, you are aware of what it means. Fertility meditation is exactly what its name implies. By calming the body and mind through meditation, you can release stress and let your body focus all of its energies on assisting in your conception.

HealthShots get in touch with Diana Crasta, Chief Psychological Counsellor, Nova IVF Fertility, to understand about the process.

What is fertility meditation?

Throughout the course of therapy, fertility treatment can be stressful and emotionally taxing and can be overwhelming. Such feelings are addressed more in clinical and psychological counselling, but people also need to take care of them. Mindful meditation with a focus on fertility is one of the best and proven ways for managing these feelings. Fertility meditation enhances quality of life by enhancing coping skills, soothing the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, and more.

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How to perform fertility meditation:

Crasta says, “Fertility meditation helps in getting rid of negative thoughts and helps you attract positive thinking. Fertility specific meditation helps them eliminate negative thoughts through affirmations, which in turn evoke positive reactions. Positive affirmations help couples build the mental strength required while dealing with fertility issues.”

Step by step guide to perform fertility meditation:

1. Find a suitable, calm place and sit in a comfortable position.

2. Play soothing music in the background (if you need) which will help you in practicing meditation by calming down your mind and body.

3. Gently close your eyes and keep your hands in a comfortable position.

4. Slowly perform deep inhaling and exhaling. As you continue to do that, release all stress and worry while you exhale. Do this for at least 5-6 minutes.

5. Once you are relaxed after breathing exercise start with the positive affirmations that will help you visualize your future with your child (keep the eyes closed).

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Some positive affirmations can be:

“I am good, and I am worthy”
“I am taking care of my body and mind in order to welcome my baby”
“My body is meant to conceive”
“I am ready to get pregnant”
“I am preparing my body for pregnancy”
“My body is open to start a new life”
“I have the time, resources and positive mind to welcome new life”

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6. You need to feel the positive affirmations during mindful meditation (the positive affirmation should come from the subconscious mind).

7. Repeat the positive affirmation (can do it up to 10 minutes)

8.bOnce you complete them, rub your hands and put it on your eyes and open them.

9. This is the best relaxation exercise out there and 15-20 minutes, daily session can do wonders for beginners.

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What are the benefits of performing fertility meditation?

Crasta says, “There are several ways through which fertility meditation will benefit you:

  • It helps in relaxing your mind, body and soul.
  • It will empower you with good decision-making power.
  • Gives you control over your emotions.
  • It will relax and calm your mind and thus it increases your relationship with spouse/family members.
  • Helps to lower blood pressure.
  • It helps in regulating the mood and increases self-awareness.”
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How does it help in conceiving?

Stress is unavoidable in the contemporary world where we always find ourselves stressed about one thing or the other. In such a scenario, relaxation and taking breaks becomes a luxury. “Though meditation may not have a direct relation to ability to conceive, it does help you achieve mental health stability. And no denial to the fact that maintaining your mental health is an essential part of maintaining your relationship with your partner,” says Crasta.

Several hormones that our body secretes have an impact on how reproductive organs operate, either directly or indirectly. Stress management through meditation aids in regulating hormone levels, which are eventually necessary for conception.

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