6 best reading glasses to reduce eye strain

Do you love reading novels during your leisure time? If yes, check out this list of the best reading glasses.
Try the best reading glasses to reduce eye strain. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 7 May 2024, 08:15 pm IST
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Do you feel eye strain or blurry vision while reading a book or staring at screens for prolonged periods? It can happen because of a condition called presbyopia, where the lens of the eye loses its flexibility to focus on near objects. Holding the reading material too close or far from the eyes can also strain the eye muscles. Dry eye syndrome is another reason for causing discomfort and irritation while reading. If you experience strain, irritation to discomfort while reading, make use of reading glasses. They magnify the small print, allowing you to read effortlessly and reduce eye strain. By preventing straining, these glasses can help reduce discomfort, relax your eyes and help you focus naturally. Here is a list of the best reading glasses that you may try to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

What are the different types of reading glasses?

Different types of reading glasses for eye strain includes:

  • Full-frame reading glasses
    Suitable for those who need magnification while reading, full-frame reading glasses feature lenses that are dedicated to magnification. The frame of these glasses encompass the entire lens, provide consistent magnification and improves readability.
  • Half-frame reading glasses
    These glasses feature lenses that sit lower on the nose, leaving the upper field of vision unobstructed. They are suitable for individuals who need magnification while reading along with clear vision for distance viewing.
  • Folding reading glasses
    These glasses are designed for portability and convenience. They are ideal for those who need a compact solution for occasional use. These glasses feature hinges that allow them to fold into a smaller size.
  • Computer reading glasses
    Specially designed to alleviate digital eye strain and improve visual comfort during extended computer use, these glasses can help reduce eye strain by filtering out blue light emitted by screens. They feature lenses with a tint or coating that can block blue light.

6 best reading glasses

Reduce the discomfort while reading by using the best reading glasses in India:

1. Lenskart READERS Black Rectangular Full Rim Reading Eyeglasses

Say goodbye to squinting by using the best reading glasses for computers! These premium reading glasses from Lenskart are lightweight, comfortable and available in all powers from +1 to +2.5. Made from TR90, which makes these glasses durable and flexible, they come in black full rim rectangular frame. They feature single-vision lenses that are anti-glare, anti-reflective and help to reduce glare.

2. Klar Eye Reading Glasses for Women

Protect your eyes and reduce strain by using the best reading glasses for women. These ones from Klar Eye promise to protect your eyes from harmful lights. They may also reduce headache and fatigue brain embolism. Made by using the tested polycarbonate material, these reading glasses may feel light and comfortable. The lenses of these glasses are made from quality and crystal clear material to help you read small texts. The brand claims that these glasses are specially made to correct near-sightedness only and are available in powers ranging from +0.75 to +3.50.

3. FREDDY Full Rim Reading Glasses

Are you tired of watering and eye strain? Try these reading glasses from FREDDY. They are lightweight, easy to carry and come with a flexible frame. Suitable for everyone, these glasses are available in different powers ranging from +1 to +3. They may help reduce eye strain, headache and improve your reading experience.

4. TJT Reading Glasses

TJT Reading Glasses come in packs of two and can help improve your visibility. It provides needed magnification and reduces strain on your eyes. The glasses feature wide lenses to provide more comfort while reading. It uses a soft fixed nose pad to reduce marks and discomfort. The thick frame of these glasses is made of strong plastic and rigid new engineering springs to make it more flexible and durable.

5. Peter Jones Cateye Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses for Women

Enjoy reading your favourite book without causing any strain on the eye by using these glasses from Peter Jones. These glasses may help protect your eyes from harmful light. It features anti-glare, light-resistant and UV400 lenses, which can help prevent harmful lights from damaging your eyes and block UV rays. The frame of these glasses may feel comfortable and soft on your skin.

6. IMPLICIT Full Rim Rectangular Power Reading Glasses

IMPLICIT Full Rim Rectangular Power Reading Glasses come with zero power, 1.00, 1.25 and can go up to 3.00. Suitable for near vision, these glasses promise to reduce eye strain, fatigue and sensitivity to light. It can also block 99 percent blue light emitted from phones and computers. The brand states that these glasses can minimise digital headaches, improve your sleep quality and prevent harmful UV rays.

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What are the benefits of using reading glasses?

  • Enhances clarity: The lens of the eye becomes less flexible with time. Reading glasses compensate for it, enhance clarity and sharpness of vision.
  • Reduces eye strain: Struggling to read small prints can cause fatigue, headaches and discomfort. These glasses alleviate these symptoms by providing magnification, thus reducing eye strain and promoting comfort during reading.
  • Improves productivity: Reading glasses helps individuals with presbyopia to maintain their productivity by overcoming vision challenges. They can clear your vision and help you to read with ease, thus enhancing your productivity.
  • Promotes convenience: Reading glasses come in a variety of designs and styles to suit different needs. They are versatile, easy to carry and store.
  • Promotes eye health: By reducing eye strain and promoting comfortable vision, reading glasses can help improve the overall health and well-being of the eyes.

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How to choose the right reading glasses?

Are you looking for the best reading glasses to reduce eye strain? Here is a guide to help you pick the right one:

  • Magnification strength: Consult with an eye care professional to determine your magnification strength. You can use over-the-counter glasses to test different magnification strengths.
  • Usage: If you spend extended periods in front of digital screens, consider using computer glasses. In case you need a compact and portable reading glass, choose the foldable ones that can easily fit into your bag or pocket.
  • Style of the frame: Pay attention to the frame style of the glasses. Go for full-frame glasses in case you need complete coverage for the lenses. Choose the half-frame ones for unobstructed vision.
  • Comfort: Ensure that the frame rests comfortably on the bridges of your nose without pinching or sliding down.
  • Test: Before making the final decision, test the clarity and comfort of the reading glasses. Read different materials like books, newspapers or digital screens to assess how well the glasses can enhance your vision.

Consider taking recommendations from an eye care professional and then add your favourite one to the cart!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can reading glasses prevent myopia?

A study published in EC Ophthalmology states that using reading glasses during study can help prevent the development of myopia. It is a common vision condition in which distant objects look blurry.

  • Which lens is best for reading?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that lenses come in different shapes and sizes and it depends on your individual needs as to which is best for you. Go for single-vision lenses to correct distance vision, bi-focal lenses as they have a correction for reading or trifocal lenses as they have three sections – distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision. You may even use progressive lenses as they offer smooth transition between distance and near focal areas.

  • When to see a doctor for eye strain?

If the eye strain occurs frequently like 2 to 3 times per week, it can impact your daily activities. So, consider visiting a doctor if the eye strain is persistent. If you don’t get relief from strain, fatigue and discomfort by self-care, visit your doctor immediately to prevent any severe damage to your eyes.

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