7 best diabetic socks to protect your feet

If you are a diabetes patient, it is essential for you to take care of your feet. So, check out this list of the best diabetic socks.
Try the best diabetic socks and protect your feet. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 18 Apr 2024, 14:30 pm IST

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that requires lifelong care and treatment. Among several health complications, foot problems are one of the most common complications that diabetics may develop. Individuals with diabetes are more prone to developing health issues associated with high blood sugar levels like nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy), which can lead to numbness, sharp pain, foot deformities, ulcers, burning sensation in the feet and muscle weakness. To avoid these issues, using diabetic socks are essential as it can help improve the blood circulation and provide comfort. These loose-fitting socks are especially designed to prevent skin irritation, protect your feet and reduce foot injuries. They are made using moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics that can keep you warm and protected from infections. We have compiled a list of the best diabetic socks that you may try to improve your foot care routine.

7 best diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are designed to improve your diabetic health. Check out this list of the best diabetic socks in India:

1. AUXIMPRO Diabetic Bamboo Socks

AXIMPRO Diabetic Bamboo Socks may help increase blood circulation and prevent foot injuries. People with diabetes are more prone to diabetic nerve damage and even a small injury can result in amputation. These socks for blister protection are especially designed to provide you maximum comfort. The cushion pads under the feet and combed bamboo fabric may keep your feet dry all day, thus reducing the risk of infection and blisters. It features a non-elastic top that provides a comfortable cover and prevents the formation of rashes. This sock comes with sweat absorption properties and elastic mesh that ensures a soft and smooth grip. It also contains antimicrobial and anti-odour properties that help prevent friction injuries like ulcers.

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2. PodiaFix Protective Diabetic Temple Socks

PodiaFix Protective Diabetic Temple Socks are especially made to provide unparalleled comfort. These socks feature a firm cuff, arch support, heel cushioning and zonal padding. Regular use of these socks may help reduce fatigue and impact stress. The articulate mesh detailing of these socks can also reduce heat and keep your feet at the right temperature. It has a seamless toe to reduce the friction that can lead to injuries. The odour-free properties of these socks may keep your feet fresh and odour-free. Made from cotton and spandex material, these socks promise to absorb sweat, protect your foot from external injuries and enhance the comfort.

3. Hugh Ugoli Women’s Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks

Hugh Ugoli Women’s Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks are made with premium material to provide you with maximum comfort. The natural fiber of these diabetic socks for women can keep your feet cool and comfortable all day. Its sole, toe and feel come with a cushion to absorb sock, reduce impact, enhance performance, durability and resistance. These seamless and non-constricting socks can enhance blood circulation and soothe diabetic neuropathy, sensitive feet or swollen ankles. The non-binding formula of these diabetic socks for swollen feet provide a loose fit, which makes them ideal for diabetics.

4. Pembrook Diabetic Socks with Grips for Women

Pembrook Diabetic Socks with Grips for Women are especially made to provide maximum comfort and give relief from swollen feet and ankles. The non-binding property of these socks provides loose fit that reduces poor blood circulation. These socks feature a breathable mesh top that feels comfortable on your skin. Especially designed to keep you safe, these socks have non-skid grips.

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5. Athlemo Bamboo Diabetic Socks for Women

Athlemo 4 Pairs Bamboo Diabetic Socks for Women features an extra wide top and toe box. These socks come with breathable mesh detail, which makes them ideal for diabetics. They also have cushioned sole, seamless toes and non-binding property. Especially made for diabetic feet, thick legs, swollen feet and edema, these socks may help improve blood circulation and give relief from pain. The bamboo fiber of these socks can keep your feet dry and prevent odour.

6. PEDS Women’s Diabetic Quarter Socks

PEDS Women’s Diabetic Quarter Socks are especially developed to keep your feet dry. It has a non-binding top that provides loose fitting, thus preventing poor blood circulation. These socks also have cushioned soles that may help to protect your feet from injuries. Made from lycra spandex material, these socks promise to prevent the formation of blisters and provide maximum comfort.

7. BraceAbility Neuropathy Socks

If you are looking for the best compression socks for diabetics, try this pair from BraceAbility. These socks are made from lightweight, breathable, thin and comfortable material. The brand states that their product is especially made to provide relief from pain while working, walking, exercising, relaxing and more. These socks may also provide relief from nerve damage pain, reduce swelling, increase circulation and improve blood flow.

What are the benefits of diabetic socks?

  • Diabetic socks are made with moisture wicking materials that can help absorb moisture from your feet, thus keeping them dry and cool throughout the day.
  • These socks are made without seams at the toe, which helps reduce rubbing and minimise the risk of blister formation at the toes. Using these socks may help prevent the development of ulcers.
  • They are especially designed with padded soles to provide maximum comfort and cushioning. This can help protect your feet from injuries.
  • Socks for diabetics come without top elastic that can contribute to poor blood circulation. Using these socks can prevent promoting better blood flow to the feet, thus improving your foot health.
  • These socks come in a variety of lengths from ankle to over the knee. Higher length socks are better for individuals with circulatory issues.
  • The antimicrobial and odour-preventing properties of these socks can help prevent bacterial and fungal growth along with preventing bad odour.
  • These socks don’t rub against your skin and feel soft, which may protect your feet from blisters that are caused by friction.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What kind of socks should diabetics wear?

Following a proper foot care routine is important for people with diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetics must keep their feet dry to prevent fungal growth. So, people with diabetes should wear socks that are made with cotton or wool fabric as they are associated with less moisture.

  • What is the difference between diabetic socks and normal socks?

Diabetic or neuropathy socks are especially designed using non-contracting materials like cotton, wool or bamboo. These socks have seamless design to minimise the risk of blisters, cushioning and arch support to provide extra comfort, moisture-wicking properties to absorb sweat and keep your feet dry and loose-fitting to improve blood circulation. Regular socks don’t feature non-binding property, cushioning, arch support and are mostly tight-fitted.

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