Diabetes diet: Avoid these foods to keep your blood sugar levels in control

Published on:1 July 2023, 01:30pm IST

If you have diabetes, you should definitely steer clear of certain foods that might cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Having said that, here are 7 foods you must avoid if you have diabetes.

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Sugary foods: It goes without saying that you should skip eating foods like desserts, candy, and sodas. Studies have shown that eating these foods doesn't contribute to overall nutrition but causes a sharp spike in your blood sugar levels. Instead of eating foods high in sugar, eat nutritious fruits like berries, oranges, apples, and more that don't cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

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Foods high in saturated fats: It is a type of dietary fat that is considered unhealthy. Foods like cakes, pies, doughnuts, cookies, fried fast food, pizza, and more contain unsaturated fats that you should avoid. People with diabetes or those at risk of experiencing a spike in blood sugar levels should steer clear of eating foods high in saturated fats. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

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Dried fruits: Yes, they are extremely healthy and can satisfy your appetite and your sweet tooth, but they are also high in sugar. Dry fruits such as raisins, dates, figs, etc, arehigh in sugar that you should avoid. You can switch to fresh fruits instead of indulging in dried fruits. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

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Breakfast cereals: Do you start your day with breakfast cereals? You should avoid them if you have diabetes. Turns out, breakfast cereals are one of the most commonly processed foods that are extremely high in sugar. Starting your day with a high-sugar meal can cause your blood sugar levels to spike and increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

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Processed foods: Certain foods like bacon, salami, cookies, cakes, and more not only increase your blood sugar levels but also your risk of heart disease. It is better to stick tofresh meat like chicken, tuna, and more if you eat a lot of processed meat. They are plenty of options for other packaged goods as well such as hummus, apple slices, and more that you can add to your diet. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

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Full-fat dairy products: They can increase the risk of heart disease and insulin resistance in individuals with diabetes due to their high saturated fat content. It is generally recommended for individuals with diabetes to consume low-fat or fat-free dairy products to help manage their blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of complications. You can switch to almond or soy milk, which is a better option for you. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

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Fried food: If you have a weakness for fried foods like french fries, potato chips, and fried chicken, you need to start laying off some. Fried meals often absorb a lot of oil, which translates to a lot of extra calories. Many are also breaded before frying, which further increases the calorie count. Consuming too much-fried food can result in weight gain and blood-sugar turmoil. The oils used in these foods can make matters worse. So, it is best to lay off these foods. Image courtesy: Adobe stock