Are you guilty of committing these five acne-causing mistakes? Read on to find out

Sometimes, your own habits are the cause of your misery. In this case, they could give you a terrible acne.
Yes, your lifestyle could be the reason why you’re getting acne. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 11 May 2021, 01:25 am IST

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Have you ever given a serious thought to the one thing that doctors the world over recommend to each and every patient? We are talking about leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Surely, you haven’t and probably those careless everyday habits of yours are responsible for the state of your skin. Yes, we’re talking about those unsightly pimples. 

In the interest of your good skin, we are listing five of them for you–so that you can rectify them and prevent acne from making your life miserable. Take a look:

1. Taking too much stress
Expecting life to be stress-free is almost like expecting Ranveer Singh to dress down. However, not letting the stress get to you—at least during times when it’s not that big a deal—is totally in your hands.

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Ladies, if you want to control that acne, you’ve got to control your stress levels because several studies including the one published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology have found stress to be a strong trigger for acne.

This is simply because stress boosts the production of cortisol in the body, which in turn activates the sebaceous or oil-producing glands beneath the skin. The excess oil thus produced (also known as sebum) then traps more dirt and grime, clogs the pores of your skin, and causes acne and breakouts.

In short, stress less for clear skin. And while you’re at it–also exercise. The sweat will not just release the stress, but also the toxins in the body that contribute to acne.

2. Sleeping with your make-up on
You know that nothing can clog your pores more than make-up right? From the clingy foundation that you use to create a flawless base to that sticky/oily primer for a smoother foundation application–make-up is surely a dust-attractor as well as a pore clogger.

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It’s better to step out with patchy foundation instead of a skin infection. Image courtesy: Giphy

Now, imagine sleeping with your make-up on. With your skin choking under clogged pores and trapped dirt, you’re surely going to find acne breakouts here and there.

3. Using a dirty pillowcase
If you’re in the habit of cleansing, toning, and moisturising your face before hitting the bed at night and yet the acne refuses to leave you alone-you need to question the cleanliness of your pillowcase.

Check if your pillowcase is dirty and thus, responsible for the dirt and dust sticking to your pores and giving you acne. Additionally, do change your pillowcase every week to maintain proper hygiene.

4. Letting fried food and sugary treats dominate your daily diet
Who doesn’t love indulging in fried foods or a sumptuous dessert once in a while. However, if that ‘once in a while’ means once or twice a day kind of indulgence for you, then you’ve got nothing but your eating habits to blame for that acne.

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According to several studies-like the one published in the journal Dermatology Practical & Conceptual-oily and sugary foods can increase the likelihood of you getting acne. While the excess oil from the fried food will only add to the production of acne-causing sebum in the body, the sugar from the sweet treats can instantly spike your blood sugar levels, leading to inflammation and making you prone to acne.

5. You don’t drink enough water
Your busy schedule can make you forget some very important things in life, including staying hydrated by meeting the recommended mark of water consumption, i.e. eight to 10 glasses a day.

If not feeling thirsty is your excuse, then you’ve got to get over it and start sipping on water right away because according to a study published in the journal Dermato Endocrinology, dehydrated skin (often as a result of inadequate water intake) can trigger excess oil production and lead to acne.

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