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Hair breakage got you down? Break-up with your pillowcase for the hair of your dreams

Yes, your pillow can cause hair loss. So, if you want to save your luscious locks, read on!
pillow for hair
Choose the right pillow for your hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Published: 19 Dec 2019, 11:09 am IST
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Is there anything more satisfying than lying on your own bed after a hectic day and unwinding while resting your head on your favourite pillow? The comfort of your own bed and pillow is simply unbeatable, isn’t it?

However, in the next few lines, we shall reveal the truth about your seemingly-comfortable pillow and it may even change the way you feel about it forever. 

Ladies, your pillow could be the reason you’re losing hair strands and experiencing breakage. 

Before you blame us for trying to ruin your relationship with your beloved, you might want to consider what Dr Apoorva Shah, founder of RichFeel Trichology Centers in India, has to say on the matter: “Yes, your pillow can cause hair fall and hair breakage,” he quips.

Explaining the reason behind this, he says that pillows or pillow covers, especially those made of cotton have the tendency to absorb your hair’s natural moisture. Plus, when you move during your sleep, your moisture-deprived hair rubs against the cotton fibres of your pillow, causing a lot of friction. 

This in turn can make your hair frizzy and more prone to damage and breakage. Additionally, it can even form knots in your hair which can be extremely difficult to untangle and cause a lot of breakage when you comb your hair later.

hair loss
Too much friction against the cotton fibres of your pillow may cause hair loss. Image courtesy: GIPHY

Chill, here’s help
“Switch to a silk or satin pillow instead of a cotton one,” suggests Dr Shah.

Silk retains more moisture and its smooth surface helps the hair to slide through easily, reducing friction and consequently hair damage and breakage.

He also warns against sleeping with wet hair–as that’s when your hair is the most fragile, making it prone to more breakage.

Additionally, changing your pillow cover regularly can help you avoid hair fall, because every change you’re also getting rid of the accumulated bacteria.

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