5 simple ways to drink more water and stay hydrated this winter

Think drinking fluids is important only in summer? Well, you need to stay hydrated when it's cold too. Here's how you can drink more water in winter.
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Sonakshi Kohli Published: 22 Dec 2019, 15:22 pm IST
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There’s no denying the fact that sweating and feeling drained out in the scorching heat of the sun calls for upping your water intake during super-hot summer months. But there’s also no denying the fact that winter season can leave you dehydrated as well and that you need to drink more water.

After all, having absolutely no visual clue like sweating can get the better of you, making you ignore your daily water requirements.

But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These five easy-breezy ways can make sure your water intake is up to the mark—no matter how cold the weather gets.

1. Drink only warm water
If the cold weather makes you want to stay away from the chills you feel after drinking room-temperature water, keep lukewarm water handy in a thermos. This way, you can keep sipping on it without the teeth-chattering side effects. But make sure that the water is not piping hot as it can dehydrate you even more.

2. Count on soups
Soups are to winter, what juices are to summer. Packed with the goodness of vegetable extracts, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and of course, a high water content—drinking homemade soups in the winter can increase your water intake while giving you a healthy dose of nutrients.

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However, if you think ordering one from a restaurant can spell the same magic, let us warn you that Ajinomoto and the thickening agents added to those soups can backfire and dehydrate you.

3. Green tea can help too, but conditions apply
Green tea is a natural diuretic, which means too much of it can flush out water and electrolytes from your body. The solution? First, use lukewarm water to make your green tea. Second, dip the tea bag just once or twice for some flavour. Third, use it to augment your water intake and replace it.

4. Snack on green-leafy vegetables
Green vegetables like spinach are rich in water content. Hence, eating more green veggies can help you stay hydrated as well.

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Let spinach help you meet your water goals this winter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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5. Stay conscious
Set alarms, use water-drinking goal apps, keep your water bottle in sight at all times. Basically, do whatever it takes to remind yourself that you’ve got to drink water and stay hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking at least eight to 10 glasses a day.

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