Scavenging hotel toiletries on your summer vacay? You should not for the sake of your skin!

Have you been using hotel toiletries on your summer vacation? They may do more bad to your skin than good.
Here are some skincare rules that should not be broken when on vacation. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 28 Jun 2022, 12:15 pm IST

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We’re sure you’ve scheduled some trips since the vacation mode is on during this scorching weather. But are you relying on your hotel toiletries for your skincare? Well, we get it. While you’re on the trip, skincare is the last thing on your mind as you concentrate on what to bring and where to go. Travel, on the other hand, might be bad for your skin, especially if you’re heading towards a hot destination in the summer. But, some skincare rules are meant not to be broken even when you’re on the go.

Health Shots got in touch with skincare expert Shreedha Singh, who rolled out a few tips you should follow when travelling during the summer season.

Singh says, “In the hot and humid weather, summer can cause eruptions, rashes, sunburns, and breakouts. Adapting your skincare routine to the summer weather conditions is the greatest approach to avoid these issues. If you look attentively, your skin is begging for serious attention with the rise in temperature. On top of that, if you’re travelling, you will have too much sun exposure, and the hot, humid weather. Not packing your own skincare and using hotel toiletries may leave your skin looking dull and dry.”

Things you must keep in mind about skincare during travel:

1. Take cleanser and moisturizer

Singh says, “Summer is hot and humid, so the skin produces more oil to combat the heat. As a result, you should use a herbal cleanser twice a day to remove all the build-up and grime, as well as any stubborn makeup you’ve applied throughout the day. Apply a good hydrating moisturizer to seal the moisture and provide extra nourishment to your pores.”

2. Toner or face mist

A refreshing facial mist spray is a must-have for any summer trip because it will help you deal with the oppressive heat and humidity. They are hydrating and calming to the skin. Always keep it in your handbag so you may spray it whenever you want. Rose water acts as an amazing toner for all types of skin. After cleansing, fill a spray bottle with rose water and use it as a face mist over pat-dried skin.

Get over the hotel toiletries! Use a toner to control excess oil production on your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Must carry sunscreen

“Summer is extremely brutal in terms of UV radiation. It can produce pigmentation, uneven texture, fine lines, age spots, lacklustre skin, and wrinkles, in addition to tanning. As a result, people of all skin types should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or 50. Make a note to apply sunscreen even when you are indoors and reapply it every few hours,” advises Singh.

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4. Opt for light make-up

Humidity and heat have a significant impact on the skin, and you must remember that layering on makeup stops the skin from breathing. As a result, light power-based cosmetics, tinted balms, and moisturizers for the face should be used.

5. Don’t ignore night skincare

“Summer vacation does not mean that you can skip the night routine. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize your face before hitting the bed. You can also opt for some good overnight masks to replenish the skin cells in the night and pamper your skin on vacation. Sheet masks are a terrific way to save room in your suitcase while also improving your skin. They can be a great substitute for serums and special creams that you’ll be missing while on the trip,” says Singh.

Get glowing skin in the morning with a good nighttime skincare routine! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Don’t use hotel freebies

Well, if you’re guilty of loading your bags with free hotel toiletries, this is your sign to stop! The soaps and lotions provided by hotels and resorts may sometimes include irritating perfumes and preservatives that can damage skin and cause breakouts, which is the last thing you want when on vacation. In addition, changing locations needs changing hotels too. This means you put a new kind of skincare on your face each time you move to a new destination during travel. This can further irritate your skin. Stick to the skincare items you’ve brought with you, which you know work well for your skin.

7. Carry a good under-eye cream

“Carry a nice under-eye cream with you if you’re constantly combating puffy eyes. This will help in revitalizing your eyes.” Singh told Health Shots.

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Under eye care needs a place in your beauty routine even when you’re on the go. Images courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Grab a lip balm

When travelling, it is usually a good idea to have a lip balm. Lip balm will assist the lips to stay nourished and silky.

So ladies, your skin gets negatively influenced by pollution, calorie-laden foods, changes in the skincare routine, and climate. Keeping certain travel basics handy such as non-alcoholic face wipes, moisturizers, eye cream, and sunscreen can help in making less brutal for your skin. To keep your skin glowing, avoid touching your face frequently, drink enough water, have a sound sleep and don’t forget to make tons of memories!

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