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How to layer sunscreen with makeup?

Applying sunscreen with makeup or without it is crucial. If you’re torn between applying it before or after the foundation, read on!
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Layering sunscreen with makeup decoded. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 26 May 2022, 16:08 pm IST
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Sunscreen is one skincare essential that still leaves people confused. With the summer sun shining bright, many of us are concerned about the type of sunscreen one must use, compositions to look for, and even its application. Here are some frequently asked questions about the application of sunscreen with makeup:

  1. Is sunscreen required even though my foundation includes SPF?
  2. What should be applied first, sunscreen or foundation?
  3. How to reapply sunscreen without ruining makeup?
  4. Will sunscreen with makeup protect the skin from sun damage?

    Answering all the queries about use of sunscreen with makeup, HealthShots spoke to Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, beauty and skincare expert, Lotus Herbals.

Is foundation with SPF sufficient to shield against sun damage?

Dr Chatterjee says, “No, any cosmetic with SPF is dubious of protecting skin against UV rays. Cosmetics with SPF do not provide the required level of the guard to the skin. Moreover, cosmetics may be unevenly applied, reducing the coverage area, and exposing the skin to sun damage.”

Sunscreen should not be skipped anyhow. A suitable sunscreen according to skin type is a must for protecting the skin against harmful UV exposure.

SPF to prevent skin damage
You need the right sunscreen with makeup to ensure your skin doesn’t get damaged due to the sun. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to use sunscreen with makeup?

The order one must follow while applying sunscreen with makeup depends on the type of sunscreen you’re using. Follow one rule the lighter consistency goes first and the heavier by the end.

  1. If you are using chemical sunscreen, liquid, spray, or serum, you should apply sun protection first, followed by moisturiser and makeup.
  2. For a physical sunscreen, apply moisturiser first, then SPF, followed by makeup.
  3. “A moisturiser with broad-spectrum SPF should be used for an added advantage of skin protection, especially for sensitive skin. This helps to keep the skin moisturised and supple and provides additional protection against UV rays,” says Dr Chatterjee.
  4. You can also consider using foundation with SPF providing an extra layer of skincare. Choose a foundation suitable to your skin tone and type with SPF and give your skin some extra love.
  5. We recommend using broad-spectrum gel-based sunscreens with makeup because they protect against both UVA and UVB rays and quickly get absorbed by the skin. These are light sunscreens and do not give makeup a cakey appearance.
  6. Don’t forget to cover the neck and ears and concentrate on the under eye area because it is most vulnerable to sun damage, reflecting early signs of ageing.

    How should sunscreen be reapplied without ruining makeup?

Dr Chatterjee suggests reapplying sunscreen after two hours of application or sweating or swimming. If your makeup is off by then, you can reapply sun protection. What if you still have your make on and need reapplication?

The answer is to use a powder or spray form of sunscreen or a setting spray with SPF. Alternatively, you can use a matte gel-based sunscreen that can be easily dabbed on the makeup without ruining it.

night skincare routine
With its long list of benefits, you just cannot afford to miss applying sunscreen! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What to look for when buying sunscreen?

We suggest using sunscreens with Vitamin C as it is known to brighten the skin and give it the much-needed glow. Vitamin C in citrus fruits, like orange and lemon, acts as a natural guard against sun damage and fights the early signs of aging. It does so by promoting collagen production and neutralising free radicals.

So ladies, whether you wear makeup or not, don’t leave your skin alone in the sun. Shield your skin with the right sunscreen, hats and scarves to glow naturally.

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