Make this lavender face mist at home to refresh your skin this summer

Published on: 31 March 2021, 13:47 pm IST
Prepare a bottle of lavender face mist at home to soothe and cleanse your skin during the summer season.
Grace Bains
Prepare for the summer with this lavender face mist! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Summer is around the corner, and we know it brings with it the good and the bad! There is no doubt that we love it for all the ice-cream binges and cool beverages, but no one quite likes what this season does to our skin. All that sweating attracts dust and dirt, which settles on our skin. This leaves the pores clogged and makes the skin more susceptible to pimples. In addition, the humidity makes our face look extremely oily. And if this is not all, the harsh sun can leave our skin irritated and red.

So, what can we do to tackle these skin problems that are intrinsic to the summer season? Well, we highly recommend using a face mist that will not just keep your skin oil and dirt-free, but will also soothe all kinds of irritation. Honestly, there’s nothing better than making a face mist right at home.

The most effective ingredient to add to your face mist is lavender! Lavender has properties that make it perfect to use on your skin during the summer season. First and foremost, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe skin that has been irritated due to sun exposure. Secondly, it has antibacterial properties that can protect you against pimples that might appear on the skin due to dirt and oil. Lastly, it has healing properties for the skin. A piece of research published in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies noted that lavender can contribute towards healing the skin.

Using it as a face mist each day can soothe your skin, remove dirt from its surface and heal any sunburn. Perfect to deal with a hot, summer day, isn’t it?

Lavender is really an elixir when it comes to your skin.
Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here’s everything you’ll need to prepare the lavender face mist:

1 tsp lavender buds, dried

1 cup, water

Spritzer bottle

Here’s how to prepare your bottle of lavender face mist:

Step 1: Boil a cup of water. The temperature shouldn’t be too high; it should be lukewarm.

Step 2: Add 1 teaspoon of crushed lavender buds to a spritzer bottle. 

Step 3: Add the lukewarm water to this bottle over the lavender buds.

Step 4: Put this bottle out in the sun for a day.

Your lavender face mist is ready to use! Place it in the refrigerator before using it on your face. This will not only help you preserve it, but will also enhance its cooling effect on your skin.

It is ideal that you apply this lavender mist on your face every day, after washing it. Not only will it soothe irritated skin but will also act as a toner, ensuring your skin is able to retain moisture.

Grace Bains

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