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How to find the G-spot: Know all about it

Your G spot is a highly sensitive area in your vagina and many women claim that stimulating this area gives them maximum pleasure and, even an orgasm.
Is G spot for real
There is no scientific research which supports the existence of a G spot, but many women experience pleasure when one area is stimulated in the vagina. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Anjuri Nayar Singh Published: 2 Nov 2023, 23:35 pm IST
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If you have been waiting to experience that phenomenal orgasm that women claim to have, finding your G-spot might be you key. Many women experience pleasurable sensations when a particular area in their vagina is stimulated. But where is the G-spot and how to find it is a skill to acquire!

What is G-Spot?

In 1950, Ernst Grafenberg, a German physician and scientist, described a certain area inside the woman’s vagina. This area is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, towards the belly. This area was later named the Grafenberg Spot or the G-Spot, shares sex educator Khushboo Bist.

However, whether the G spot actually exists or not, is quite a mystery. “The scientific world has not been able so far to find enough evidence to support the existence of the G-spot and many doctors and scientists claim that it doesn’t actually exist,” says Bistt.

How to find the G-spot in women?

Self exploration might the best way to find your G-spot. Pallavi Barnwal, sexuality coach and sexual awareness influencer, lists out steps for you to follow.

  • Insert one or two fingers inside the vagina. About two finger knuckles in or five to eight centimetres inside your vagina should do it.
  • Feel the area located on the anterior wall of vagina, the wall closest to the belly. You should be able to sense some ridges there.
  • Soon, as you continue the stimulation, this area will begin to swell, and you will be able to feel the ridges better.
  • Start by massaging the G-spot area in circles in a circular motion, varying the speed and the pressure. Press your finger up on the G-spot area and gently drag your finger out.
  • You may end up feeling an orgasm!

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How to stimulate G spot
Adjusting the speed, pressure and angle of penetration can help you reach your G spot.

Sex positions you could try to hit the G-spot

The standard missionary position might not be the best way to find and stimulate your G-spot. Pallavi Barnwal lists out various positions that you could try.

  • Modified missionary position: This is a position where the woman places a few pillows under her buttocks and she keeps her feet flat on the bed.
  • Woman on top: Another way is for the woman to be on top but she needs to lean back after she lowers herself onto her partner’s penis in order to allow for the penis to stimulate her g-spot.
  • Reverse cow girl position: The reverse cow girl position is also quite effective. That’s where the woman is on top but she’s facing her partner’s feet instead of his face.

She says, “Keep playing with these sex positions, adjusting the speed, the pressure, the angle of the penetration to find the best way to stimulate the G-spot.”

Pleasure during sex
Focus on pleasure during sex, not simply on finding the G-spot. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Does your G-spot guarantee an orgasm?

Well, there is no guarantee and it all depends on how your respond to the sensations. Human sexuality varies from person to person. Also, reducing sexual pleasure to a phenomena such as the G-spot can also have an adverse effect. “Some ladies can even experience powerful orgasms there, often paired with female squirting. To other women, stimulating the G-Spot feels quite neutral and others don’t like it at all,” explains Khushboo Bistt.


  • 151
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