By Arushi Bidhuri

Published Mar 22, 2023

Side Effects Of Green Tea

Everything is healthy if consumed in moderation, including green tea. Too much green tea can have harmful effects on your health.

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While green tea in moderation can lower stress and anxiety levels. Too much green tea can lead to sleeplessness and anxiety, resulting in uneasiness and irritability.

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Anxiety Issues

A study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that too much green tea is not good for your liver. 

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Liver Damage

When consumed in large quantities, green tea can interfere with the way your body absorbs iron from foods, leading to anemia or iron deficiency.

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Too much green tea in your system can worsen headaches. So, people with headaches should avoid drinking too much green tea without consulting a doctor.

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While green tea has much caffeine, drinking too many glasses can affect your heart palpitations, and lead to high blood pressure. 

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High Blood Pressure

Tannins, a plant-based compound in green tea can cause some tissues in your body to shrink, leading to nausea or stomach problems.

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Digestive Problems

Green tea contains caffeine, which can make it difficult for you to sleep. People who find it difficult to sleep should avoid green tea as it can make it worse. 

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Sleep Problems 

Drinking green tea in moderation will not be as harmful if you drink it in moderation. Drinking more than 8 cups of green tea is considered unsafe and can be harmful. 

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Moderation Is Key