By Arushi Bidhuri

Published Jul 29, 2023

Daily Habits That Lead To Frequent Headaches

Have you been experiencing too many headaches lately? Sometimes, daily habits can lead to the onset of headaches. Here are some factors that can trigger headaches.

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Sometimes even skipping a single meal can lead to a headache. However, frequent headaches are caused by irregular meal patterns that cause your blood sugar levels to drop.

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Skipping Meals

How many glasses of water do you drink in a day? Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration, which in turn causes headaches. Try drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.

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Not Drinking Enough Water

Not good news for coffee lovers! Consuming too much caffeine can cause headaches, and even cutting back on its intake can cause caffeine withdrawal headaches.

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Caffeine Consumption

Not getting enough sleep? Irregular sleep patterns and poor-quality sleep can lead to tension headaches. Check with a doctor to avoid this.

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Poor Sleeping Habits

How much time do you spend in front of your laptop? Spending long hours of screens or in poor lighting can strain the eyes and lead to headaches.

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Slouching or maintaining a poor posture can strain your neck and shoulders, leading to tension headaches.

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Poor Posture

Too much alcohol can lead to dehydration and trigger headaches in some people. Try drinking in moderation if you have to.

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Drinking Alcohol

Do you listen to music at a high volume? Prolonged exposure to loud noises or sudden exposure to loud noises can also cause headaches.

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Loud Noises

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