Risks over Regret | She Slays Leadership Talk with Nidhi S Mittal, Group CEO – Blue Vector

Join us for an inspiring "She Slays Leadership Talk", featuring Nidhi S Mittal, a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional who is currently the Group CEO - Blue Vector.

With global experience across the Middle East, Singapore, UAE, USA, Australia, and India, Nidhi has been instrumental in business growth across diverse sectors. In this candid conversation, she shares her journey, highlighting her strengths and challenges.

Nidhi discusses her career path, emphasizing the importance of taking risks. She believes in "risks over regret”, a philosophy that has guided her bold career moves. She also stresses on the significance of networking, especially for women in male-dominated fields.

She also addresses the bias she has faced as a woman in the corporate world and how she overcame the barriers. As an adaptive leader, Nidhi's approach evolves with changing corporate landscapes, making her a role model for aspiring professionals.

Don't miss this empowering episode of "She Slays Leadership Talk."

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