Fight the Fears & Failures | She Slays Leadership Talk with Pooja Baid

“She Slays Leadership Talk '' features Pooja Baid, Head of Marketing Strategies at Philips Domestic Appliances (now Versuni). With over 14 years of experience in building businesses and brands, Pooja is a name to reckon with in the corporate world.

In this candid conversation, Pooja Baid shares her remarkable journey - from her early corporate days to her entrepreneurial venture and back, showcasing her fearless spirit. She talks about the difference between being an entrepreneur and corporate executive, highlighting the challenges and the importance of mentorship.

Her profound advice to the youth is, "Stop worrying about failing...Give up the fear of failure!" Encouraging aspiring leaders to embrace challenges and learn from setbacks. Furthermore, Pooja addresses the need to strike a work-life balance.

Know the Host:
Suchitra Rajendra, our esteemed host, brings a wealth of experience to the show. With 32 years in the corporate world across countries and companies, she has held prestigious roles such as the HR Head for PepsiCo Asia and CHRO for PepsiCo India. Additionally, she serves as an independent director and runs an HR consultancy where she helps women navigate their corporate journeys.

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