Change, Courage & Commitment | She Slays Leadership Talk with Namita Tiwari, Forbes Council Leader & Marketing Strategist

She Slays Leadership Talk features Namita Tiwari, a visionary Marketing leader and Business Strategist. With over two decades of experience, she has been at the forefront of strategic marketing for top global technology companies.

In this candid conversation, Namita shares her inspiring mission to nurture team leaders who can drive growth. She takes us through her journey in the marketing industry, highlighting her biggest learning: the importance of adapting to change and embracing new technology.

Namita discusses the challenges of transitioning between different corporate environments and how she overcame them. She describes her leadership style as strong and fierce, emphasizing her commitment towards creating a safe and empowering environment for all team members.

With passion, Namita addresses the critical issue of bias in the workplace, sharing her efforts to raise awareness and drive positive change. Her insights on navigating and challenging biases provide valuable lessons for aspiring leaders.

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