Be the woman you are in this man’s world, says director of KARA Organics, Kavita Bagga

It takes a lot to be the woman you are and run the show in this big and brutal man's world. But with diligence and perseverance you can do that too. Kavita Bagga, an ex PepsiCo employee and now a proud director of KARA Organics, has faced many ups and downs in her life. But it was her spirit that helped her reach the top rank in the corporate world.

Another taboo she has broken is about the right age of having a child. Kavita had her baby in her 40s via IV, and is now living her best life with her daughter. Well, there are many feathers in Kavita's hat and in this video she is sharing her journey with all of you out there. Come and be a part of it.

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