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Yesterday: Jun 25 Taurus

Dear Taurus, though you are in good health you will feel tired today because of lack of sleep. Improve your sleeping patterns by relaxing your mind.

At work, you will be excited about working on certain projects and will have everything planned out but you will have to wait for a go ahead from your seniors which will slow down your progress.

Learn to be calm when dealing with your family members as there is no point in bickering with them. The evening will be spent in the company of some of your old and dear friends.

Singles might get approached by an ex.

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Today: Jun 26 Taurus

Your health will need attention today due to troubles with your stomach, according to the stars. For many years, ginger has been recommended as a home treatment for seasickness. It turns out that it truly works wonders for stomach problems. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties aid in lowering the high stomach acid levels that might result in nausea and indigestion. Try going to bed on schedule.

Work will be tough because of the criticism you’ll receive for your passive-aggressive actions. Your harsh tongue and overly ambitious demeanor may intimidate coworkers. Find out what is triggering your anger by looking into it. Today, pending payments should be cleared.

The family horoscope predicts stability in the home. You must pay attention to your partner’s health. You will spend some quality time pampering them.

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Month: June 2022 Taurus

Make use of the golden occasions that present themselves in your life. Do not delay to attract positive vibes into your life. You will do well in your personal and professional life. This time belongs to you and your health and wealth will get stronger. Luck is on your side and it is as if the planets protect you and keep you from harm.

The trends suggest that you’ll be generally healthy and will have some good news about someone else’s health .You will eat better, take walks, and shall be glowing with health but take care at the end of month. You may need to make a deliberate decision to unwind.

You’ve a busy period ahead so make sure there’s some space for yourself particularly around mid of the month. Walks and light exercise will bring benefits.

Keep your family’s health in check. Ensure that your children do not miss their doctors’ appointments. Also, ensure that you are always in good shape. Minor illnesses will not trouble you because you have things under control. All in all, this month will bestow you with good health but you need to work towards it. Take more fruits and vegetables to keep yourself fit.This will help you maintain good physical as well as mental health. Stay away from junk food as much as possible and sleep well.

Lady luck or support from mother, wife or a female friend will enhance luck. Do some philanthropic activities. Your luck will enhance automatically. Keeping fasts on Fridays will help you to get through your goals easily for your personal and professional life.

About the expert:

Mr. Pankaj Khanna is a Delhi-based astrologer and gemologist. He is the chairman of Khanna Gems.

Year: 2022 Taurus

The 2022 horoscope for Taurus says that you will be able to enjoy and participate in new adventures from the beginning of the year. You are likely to make new plans and successfully abide by them. In this journey of new adventures, you will learn new things and see success in different areas of your life.

The beginning of the year will turn out to be very good for you and it is also a good time to focus on your health. Keep your excellent work up and you will see your healthy lifestyle yielding numerous medical benefits for you. You will notice yourself to be fiercer, productive and energetic during your workouts. As this healthy lifestyle will help you perform flawlessly and do better in all the other aspects of your life, you will also benefit in terms of your work. The celestial bodies are likely to be in your favour from January to April.

Be it your mental or physical health, they will make you active and cheerful in your life and you are likely to be satisfied in all aspects. Although, you will have a lot on your plate in terms of responsibilities that might exhaust you, and even though you realize the same, you might not try to change it much. Make sure you sleep and eat well, as the effects of the same might reflect up on your face resulting in dull skin. Hence, it is crucial that you prioritize your health in 2022 and try to work better on yourself.

Otherwise, you might come across mental illness like depression in the times to come. Hiring a health instructor, joining a gym or hiring a yoga expert for home sessions would turn out to be really helpful to you. If you have desired to have a particular kind of body for a long time, in the second half of the year, you might see yourself stepping towards success. The last few months of the year can be a good time for you to get into sports and yoga. However, do not forget to follow proper health measures as it might affect your financial life as well.

Health Tip: Remember health is your greatest wealth.

Meet the Astro expert: Sheetal Shaparia, Life Coach and Astrologer. She is a Life Coach who helps people in terms of love, money, career, happiness and experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in life. Sheetal is also a Tasseographer and an Astrologer.

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