Women’s Day: Head-to-toe self-care tips for holistic wellness

This Women’s Day, Organic India reminds you to indulge in self care without feeling guilty. So, here’s a head-to-toe routine you must follow to stay healthy and
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From your head to toe, self care is all you need! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Updated: 7 Mar 2023, 19:09 pm IST
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As the world gears up to observe the International Women’s Day on March 8, here’s a gentle reminder that the spirit of womanhood must be celebrated every day. Somewhere in the selflessness of caring for her loved ones, a woman forgets self care. Taking moments and breaks in a busy day at work or at home to indulge in herself, often become ‘luxury’. But guess what we’re about to tell you? It’s not even something you may not know already. Self care, dear lovely women, isn’t selfish, after all!

Be it pampering yourself with a hair oil massage and a revitalising body oiling session, or simply ensuring that you’re eating healthy and consuming required supplements for longevity, self care goes a long way helping you live a happy and healthy life. So, we’ve put together a basic head-to-toe routine for women to keep their health and wellness in check!

1. Care for your hair

Caring for your crowning glory must come naturally to you. Who likes dry, damaged or frizzy hair? But that takes consistent care in making sure you eat the right foods to boost hair health, avoid excessive chemical or heat treatments for hair, wash and dry it well and also oil it at least once a while. When it comes to oiling for the self care routine, Bhringraj is considered the king of hair oils – as its Sanskrit name self-explains! Organic India’s Kure Bhringaraj Oil packs in the power of botanical herbs, antioxidant seed oils and pure essential oils. Focussed on hair vitality, it aims to solve hair fall problems as well as restore and promote hair growth.

Pamper yourself with a good hair massage to boost blood circulation in the scalp and leave your hair feeling conditioned. It will also help you relax!

2. Skin care

What is a head-to-toe self care routine without skin care? We may not realize it often, but the way our skin looks and feels can affect the way we feel about ourselves. Glowing skin can help you shine from within too, and vice versa! So, dear ladies, indulge in a healthy skincare routine regularly. Whether it is eating healthy, staying hydrated or following a CTM or cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine, there are various factors that can help you maintain healthy skin as you fight visible signs of ageing.

While you may be used to scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers for the face, don’t underestimate the power of facial serums to replace dryness and dullness from the skin with brightness! The Kure Kumkumadhi Facial Serum from Organic India, specifically works for pigmentation and uneven-looking skin. As the name suggests, it is laced with the beauty benefits of saffron or kumkum, and leaves the skin moisturized, nourished and reduces blemishes.

Organic India skin and body oils
Pamper your skin with Ayurvedic herbs and pure essential oils. Image courtesy: Organic India
Organic India skin and body oils
Pamper your skin with Ayurvedic herbs and pure essential oils. Image courtesy: Organic India

Also, let us remind you that skin care can’t be limited to your face because that’s what mostly shows. It is about the whole body. So, take the head-to-toe routine seriously when it comes to oiling yourself. It will help your skin stay hydrated, help you relieve stress, improve sleep, as well as boost blood circulation. Organic India’s Kure Womens Body Oil brings together a concoction of 80 Ayurvedic herbs and pure essential oils. Apply it yourself or get pampered with massage therapy – the choice is yours. But treating yourself with a body oil treatment every now and then can help you restore skin elasticity and health.

3. Eat healthy

At the end of the day, we are mostly what we eat. The food we consume has a direct effect on every aspect of our health – physical, mental and emotional. It promotes or damages essential systems of the human body. Therefore, your self care routine must include eating foods to promote longevity. Eating a balanced diet is the most basic thing you can do to improve overall health. Women tend to relegate healthy eating habits while tending to others’ needs. But you’ve got to make sure your plate has enough proteins, minerals, vitamins and more essential nutrients for the proper functioning of your body. Protein and fiber are very important aspects of healthy eating, and one food that packs in both these elements is quinoa. A part of Organic India’s superfood offerings, quinoa has the power of all nine essential amino acids, is weight-loss friendly, gluten-free and is considered versatile.

4. Don’t miss out on essential supplements

Let’s admit it – not everyone eats a balanced diet, and not everyone who eats healthy, absorbs the nutrients in the best way. Nutrients are the fuel for your body to function well – from your skin and hair to your digestive and reproductive system, as well as your bones and muscles. So, if your body needs it, consume the right supplements. Women can explore skin supplements which have nourishing Ayurvedic ingredients to help the skin glow inside out.

Essential supplements for health
Don’t miss out on essential health supplements. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Essential supplements for health
Don’t miss out on essential health supplements. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Healthy bones cannot be ignored for a healthy life. They not just form the body’s structure, but also support movement, protect vital organs as well as store minerals which are important for healthy ageing. Not caring enough for bones by not eating healthy or not exercising enough, can be harmful. While these are non-negotiables to maintain healthy and strong bones, sometimes, people may turn to supplements which are rich in herbal calcium and minerals to help them fight conditions such as osteoporosis, osteopenia and arthritis. Organic India has Osteoseal capsules to support this.

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When it comes to women’s wellness, we cannot leave behind her reproductive health.  According to Organic India, its Women’s Well Being capsules blend herbs, including plant-based estrogens, to support reproductive health and general wellness. If your regular diet doesn’t suffice, supplements may sometimes help in restoring hormonal balance, as well as help in issues such as inflammation and fluid retention.

5. Fitness

The cycle of a healthy lifestyle can never be complete without a regular fitness routine. It’s okay if you’re not a gym freak, a yoga enthusiast or even a runner. Dedicating even 30 minutes to walking everyday or ensuring regular movement to beat the trappings of a sedentary lifestyle can help you stay fitter and active. A head-to-toe routine especially for fitness can work wonders for your overall well-being, boosting your happy hormones while also improving your mobility, energy, agility and flexibility.

(This article is sponsored by Organic India. Use the products at your discretion and upon consultation from your health expert.)

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