Alkaline water vs Kangen water: Make a smarter choice

Know the difference between Alkaline water and Kangen water before investing in a water purifier that suits your needs. Remember, healthy and safe drinking water is necessary for good health.
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Published: 25 Feb 2023, 11:00 am IST
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Technology has made a world of difference to the world of drinking water over the years. Even as rapid urbanization and development have led to rising levels of water contamination, water treatment processes are here for people’s rescue. Since the Covid-19 threat has hit the world, people are far more conscious about their immunity. The quantity and quality of water intake has a lot to do with it. Many people have even turned to the benefits of alkaline water, which is said to have a higher pH level than regular tap water or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. Some even go for Kangen water ionizers. But if you were to choose between Alkaline water vs Kangen water, how would you do it?

What is Kangen Water?

The term Kangen reportedly comes from Japanese, and means ‘return to origin’. It is named after water-ionizing machines which provide the convenience of filtering tap water and turning it into water with different pH ranges. In industry parlance, it is widely known for producing water which caters to different purposes ranging from cleaning and beauty to cooking and drinking.

What is the difference between a Kangen water ionizer and an Alkaline water purifier?

Well, while both water treatment products provide the benefit of alkaline water, a Kangen water ionizer may lack several features that come with an alkaline water purifier.

Tesla Healthy Life’s premium offering, Alkalino Water Purifier, for example, comes with a sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, UV in tank, provision for instant hot and cold water, and detoxifier for vegetables and fruits, which may be lacking in a Kangen ionizer product.

Tesla Alkalino
Tesla Healthy Life’s Alkalino is all about healthy water. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

The product packs in 13 stages of purification to ensure consumers have pristine alkaline water at their disposal. For the unversed, alkaline water is defined as water with a higher than normal (8) pH levels. In technical terms, Alkalino provides Kangen RO water that raises the pH level of tap water by ionizing and splitting the water molecules.

If you are thinking why one must consume alkaline water, let us tell you that it is said to be associated with multiple health benefits. While alkaline water is considered helpful for neutralizing acids in the body, it is also said to rejuvenate the skin, promote weight loss, strengthen muscles and joints as well as prevent lifestyle-driven diseases.

The copper filter tank of Alkalino employs the age-old Ayurveda tradition of drinking water preserved in a copper container, and fuses it with state-of-the-art technology.

Besides this, if you are to compare a Kangen water ionizer and Alkaline water machine, you will realize that the latter is comparatively cost-effective.

(The article is sponsored by Tesla Healthy Life)

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