3 ways to introduce sex toys in couple sex, and break the monotony in your bedroom life

Has the thought of bringing sex toys to spice up your sex life crossed your mind but you’ve curbed your fantasy? Try using these tips.
Maximize your pleasure
Maximize your pleasure. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Updated: 23 Sep 2022, 11:45 am IST
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Imagine doing one thing all your life in one plain Jane way, always! Sounds boring already, doesn’t it? If that’s also what you’ve started feeling about your sex life, maybe it’s time to introduce a ‘third wheel’? Don’t get us wrong because it’s not a third person that we are urging you to bring to bed! We’re talking about sex toys to enhance the pleasure quotient in couple sex.

Over the past few years, chatter about an orgasm gap between men and women has gathered heat thanks to social media. That has also given rise to a section of women, and men, who are more aware than ever about women’s right to equal pleasure. Love Depot, a sexual pleasure and wellness e-superstore from the house of TTK Healthcare, is spreading the message of #ThePleasureIsAllYours to normalize talks around pleasure.

While an orgasm remains one of the most elusive experiences for a lot of women, it is also natural for them to have a sense of curiosity around it. Vaginal penetration may not always lead women to hit orgasm, and they may need something extra – clitoral stimulation, more foreplay, role play, sex toys, more stimulating positions, and perhaps also more communication.

Communication, according to many sexual health influencers, is the key to a better sex life. So, if one has been thinking of introducing sex toys to the bedroom, it may be time to break the ice about it with your partner.

If there’s a sense of awkwardness about it, let us share some tips on how to navigate this topic.

Ways to introduce sex toys to couple sex

1. Communicate

Being frank about what you like and how you like it can indeed be a liberating experience for a woman. One may think asking a partner about introducing a sex toy may hurt his ego or make him feel he doesn’t satisfy you enough. But girl, remember that you will never know until you ask! One may feel a sense of nervousness or embarrassment about approaching a partner to discuss introducing sex toys during intercourse. But who knows, they may be pleasantly surprised! Also, just because one may feel like experimenting with sex toys – either alone or with a partner – doesn’t necessarily mean one’s existing sex life is dull. It simply means the desire for a little more spark in it.

Fill the orgasm gap
Clitoral stimulation helps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Choosing the toys

Now this can be tricky, but it will help to make a mutual choice. Instead of just springing a surprise (or shock) by bringing a sex toy to bed without intimation, choosing your props together can be a good way to build up the excitement. Talk about what you want to seek from sex toys and what is it that you may enjoy more. Sit together, read and choose from a variety of products available for couple sex.

When it comes to a couple vibrator, the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Couples Vibe, offers two flexible arms and a vibrating body. It can be worn internally or externally during sex.

There’s also Double Joy Partner Vibrator for couples who want to add a touch of adventure to their sexual escapades! This U-shaped vibrator adds a vibe that both parties can enjoy simultaneously.

There are also options to use solo products during partner sex. Whether someone wants to maximize their pleasure by using a hands-free vibrator while their partner penetrates, or want to give him the control – with MsChief’s Electro Egg vibrator on Love Depot, it’s possible!

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While most toys may be for women to use for solo time or for a man to use for a woman, the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup can be used for their solo sessions or a partner can use it on the penis-owner.

Go experimental with couple sex
Go experimental with couple sex. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Using sex toys

If you have your sex toys in place, the best thing you can do first is to sit together and understand how to go about using them. Read the instruction manual together and ensure you practice complete hygiene before and after every use.

If you haven’t used a lubricant before, you may want to start using one with sex toys, to reduce friction and irritation and ease penetration.

The right lubrication helps.
The right lubrication helps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The last word

In case your partner is not immediately receptive to your idea of introducing sex toys in bed, don’t feel disappointed. Everyone is entitled to a choice, and you must give them time to ease into this decision.

(Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Love Depot)

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