Women’s Day: Bollywood’s men share what women empowerment means to them

Men can empower women. On International Women's Day 2024, know what women empowerment means to popular Bollywood actors.
Bollywood celebrities on women empowerment
Gender equality will naturally lead to women empowerment, say Bollywood stars. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 8 Mar 2024, 01:42 pm IST
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True equality can change the world. And so, while women are powerful on their own, if the men become allies in dismantling gender-based bias, it would change the social fabric of the world. On International Women’s Day, it is important to acknowledge the role that men can play in women empowerment. They can challenge traditional gender norms, advocate for equal opportunities, encourage women to pursue their goals and ambitions, and bat for a fair and equitable world.

Health Shots reached out to Bollywood actors to get a pulse on their understanding of what women empowerment truly means and the role they may have played in empowering women around them. Find out what they had to say!

Babil Khan: “Being financially independent is most important for women”

Babil Khan
Actor Babil Khan shares a warm bond with his mother Sutapa Sikdar. Image courtesy: Instagram | Babil Khan

Women empowerment for me is to vanish the line of difference drawn by society between a man and woman in terms of job opportunities, wages, respect and equal power of decision-making in families.

The most important thing is for the woman to be financially independent and to find her true self beyond being a daughter, wife and a mother.
I am not a social activist, but I can say it is important to respect women and acknowledge them as true partners – be it your mother or your staff members. I try to never ever be biased because of gender. But it is not easy in society for many men to give equality to women with years of conditioning.

In our house, we celebrate womanhood because life is more colourful and beautiful because they are there in my life. It takes just a moment to notice their inherent compassion, love and empathy which a man finds difficult to express even if he feels it. I learn everyday from women in my workspace and at home, especially multitasking which they excel at. So, I truly feel that women are beautiful as they are and we need them as much as they need us.

Gulshan Devaiah: “Women are psychologically as capable as any gender”

Gulshan Devaiah
Actor Gulshan Devaiah champions equality for all genders. Image courtesy: Instagram | Gulshan Devaiah

Women empowerment means that apart from biological differences, women are psychologically as capable or incapable of things as any gender. I don’t patronise them just because they’re women. I like to have equality in the way I respond to people regardless of their gender.

It’s not really that easy because of certain ideas that I have culturally and socially inherited, but I’m happy that I’m often conscious of that and I try and make changes for myself. If as people we can be nice and respectful towards each other, there’s no problem. I don’t believe in giving anyone any special attention or privilege. Equality!! Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Adarsh Gourav: “The freedom to pursue their dreams is women empowerment”

Adarsh Gourav
Freedom will give women wings to fly, says Adarsh Gourav. Image courtesy: Instagram | Adarsh Gourav

Women empowerment is when women get absolute freedom and the education to pursue their dreams and enjoy authority/representation as law-makers to implement change in society when needed.

I was lucky to be brought up by my mother due to my father’s transferable job. Owing to this, I imbibed values such as financial independence of partners and freedom to make one’s own choices in everyday life matters. When my mother turned 57 and wanted to get back to driving, I loved her enthusiasm but sensed a slight apprehension. I asked her to forget about her worries and just enjoy it. A month later, she was driving herself to the office and my proud grandparents all over town.

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Neil Bhoopalam: “Women can direct the world towards a better future”

Neil Bhoopalam
Actor Neil Bhoopalam believes women make the world a better place. Image courtesy: Instagram | Neil Bhoopalam

Women empowerment is about respecting the reality that what the world was conditioned to believe (about women), was incorrect. And that women truly have the authority to direct life as we know it towards a better future.

I have always trusted and followed the intuition of the women around me. I understand that the women around me say and do things to make me a better person.

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