#BreakTheBias: Meet Mehdia Fathima, a biker mom who loves the smell of grease more than a tadka!

Mehdia Fathima, a biker woman is breaking the bias as she gears through the rough patches of life. Read on to know her story!
Biker woman
Here’s another inspiring story of the mettle of womanhood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 8 Mar 2022, 12:31 pm IST
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“A woman can cook and may as well ride a bike,” says Mehdia Fathima, a biker woman blurring the rough path of gender roles, in the interview. While a woman’s place is often seen as a pillion rider, Mehdia chucks these society roles and follows her heart. Dressed in a hijab, she calls herself a cosmopolitan with a conservative upbringing.

Why are we celebrating Mehdia Fathima?

In a candid conversation with Health Shots, Mehdia recalled some of her rather challenging biking experiences that are also her most memorable journeys. This passionate motorcycle enthusiast successfully cruised on the Mumbai–Delhi–Kolkata–Chennai Golden Quadrilateral, covering 7,000 kms on her solo motorcycle ride at the age of 47. She also went on to become the first person to ride solo across the tough terrains on the entire coastline of India , a commendable feat of 8500 kms. Making her place in the male-dominant sport, Mehdia is a perfect example of a woman who breaks the bias.

Biker woman
Mehdia’s love for motorcycling radiates in her warm smile. Image courtesy: Instagram/ Mehdia Fathima

How did Mehdia really break the bias?

Seeing a woman ride a bike may not only make heads turn but grab eyeballs too. And not to forget, some eye rolls for a biker mom. However, Mehdia says that her family has been her backbone and encouraged her to pursue her passion.

People yap about why she is riding a bike when she’s a mother and a wife? What is she trying to prove? Is riding a bike at this age appropriate? Well, Mehdia knew that ‘Kuch toh log kahenge’… and she chose to break the norms one gear at a time!

Mehdia takes pleasure in her passion for motorcycling and her IT job alike. She is a mother of two who works hard in the IT industry for a living. Mehdia loves to travel and enjoys her well deserved ‘me time’ as a woman to reflect and introspect on herself.

Mehdia Fathima
Mehdia’s self love gets a refresh when she’s on wheels. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Mehdia Fathima’s message to young women

She loves to strike a balance between her passion and profession while inspiring the younger generation to follow their heart and assume responsibility for their living too. According to her, every woman deserves ‘me time’. She says women should be known and respected for who she is as a person, not how good a mom, a spouse or daughter in law she is .

“I believe that no sport or hobby is confined to a particular gender, or age. If a woman wants she can achieve in a sport like motorcycling which is considered predominantly a male territory.” says Mehdia.

Crushing the stereotypes and making her place in the considerably male dominant world of motorcycling, Mehdia rides again! Well, that’s what her Instagram handle says.

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Mehdia encourages women to have a career and follow any passion and not confine themselves by associating their existence with a person or a role. “A woman should be known for or take pride in who she is and not Mrs Successful someone!” adds Mehdia.

What are the future plans of this biker woman?

Mehdia also encourages women to learn motorcycling and organizes boot camps within her known groups from time to time. Mehdia has been invited as a speaker at many prestigious colleges and IT companies to motivate young and old alike to strive and pursue passion despite all odds. She is planning to gear up and chase another adventure as and when it arrives.

Her future plans include to stay motivated and continue to motivate others and lead by example. We hope Mehdia’s story has inspired you to slay like she slays!

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