Yoga makes me more efficient and effective: A creative entrepreneur opens up

Yoga not just improves physical strength but also mental strength. Read on to know my tryst with yoga and how it keeps my creativity going.
Yoga helps this creative entrepreneur to stimulate her mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Laksheeta Govil Updated: 20 Sep 2021, 16:37 pm IST
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For many of us, for fitness or for mental space, yoga has found its way into our lives. I feel the beauty of yoga is that one doesn’t have to be a professional to reap its benefits. It’s open to all and everyone has their own way of practicing it. For me, Yoga is more of an option for mental strength rather than physical strength and is the key to making me feel focused, grounded and more disciplined.

Letting yourself grow

I realised that a lot of creative ideas happen when you are not thinking of anything. And yoga is a medium that can be utilised when you don’t need anything but yourself. I consider it to be an experience which inculcates positivity and helps me ideate better and faster. There are many techniques in yoga which one can follow. And every technique helps you to understand the practice better and deeper. I believe one can learn more and more as they keep following the process in their everyday lives. It is just all about how curious you are to learn more and master the techniques.

Yoga is a stress reliever, and it promotes mindfulness, says Laksheeta Govil. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation are the key benefits one can gain through yoga. For me, it is a complete stress reliever. However, it’s all about starting slowly and learning through the process. Each and every step is essential in order to understand yoga better. It’s not about pushing yourself but allowing yourself to grow. The process teaches you all.

Keep the ideas flowing

The idea to revolutionise Juttis came to me in that moment before you fall asleep. There’s an intimate link between the movement of your body and the thoughts in your mind. This is the point when I realised that ideas can just flow into your mind, but yoga would help in accelerating that process and develop your thinking altogether. The intention of doing yoga for me is not necessarily to find inspiration or come up with a great idea, but to stimulate the mind through the practice and urge it to think better.

The joy of doing yoga at home is that you can select your favourite elements from different styles and make it a part of your routine. Learning yoga can be done is multiple ways. For me, I was lucky to have great teachers who have been instrumental in my journey and guided me through the process.

Recipe to staying healthy

Yoga has definitely proven beneficial for me in several ways. Through regular practice, I have come to a place of better judgment and deeper awareness of my creativity which could be implemented in my work. It helps me in focusing my mind and directing it towards gaining better outcomes. It has connected me with a feeling of self discipline and disconnected me from the fear of getting things wrong. It is worth putting any doubts to one side and giving it a go to achieve not only a positive state of mind but also a relaxed and calm body. Apart from the many benefits of Yoga, it has also helped me in becoming more efficient and effective with ideating and execution.

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Yoga calms the mind and keeps your fears away. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

In all, yoga helps one in achieving a conscious state of relaxation and calmness. It has definitely made its way into being a daily ritual for me. It has helped me in structuring my existing self practice and to learn more and newer things. Living in a world where one can’t escape the effects of stress, yoga would be the right option to create a balance and navigate through work with a calm state of mind.

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